The Best Fruit And Vegetables To Plant In June

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Now that June is only a few days away there is a flurry of different plants that you can start bringing into the garden to make the space bloom with life and colour. Today, I wanted to speak to you about all of the fruits and vegetables which you can plant right now which will bear fruit and produce throughout the summer and the autumn months.


Although this vegetable looks just like a tree, you won’t be needing to hire yourself a Tree Surgeon to prune and take care of it this year! Broccoli is one of the most popular vegetables for families and it is a simple thing to grow in your garden this summer. Seedlings love the sunshine and they soon produce some stellar vegetables for you to use in soups and roasts.


Tomatoes are a super easy fruit to grow and you can plant them out at the start of June and see crops produced throughout the summer months. Tomatoes come in many shapes and sizes so if you like a variety you can plant a few different types in your plant beds this June. Make sure to choose a warm and sunny spot in the garden because tomatoes like the heat, and you can enjoy fresh juicy fruits in no time!  


Although this might not be the first thing you think to plant out in the garden this summer, Aubergines can taste amazing with salads or roasted and grilled on the barbecue. Plant out an aubergine plant in June and over the next few months, large purple fruits will begin to grow and develop in the garden for everyone to enjoy.

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Brussels sprouts and cabbage

These might be an acquired taste for some, but they are still popular nonetheless and they are also ideal for planting out in the garden at the start of June. Make sure when you plant these outside that you give them room to grow and also protect them from cabbage root fly by adding brassica collars to the plants. You’ll be able to enjoy cabbage and sprouts throughout the year and even into winter.


A member of the berry family which often is overlooked is the humble gooseberry. These tiny fruits pack a punch of flavour and they can be a great addition to fruit salads and jam. To plant a gooseberry bush in the garden make sure that the weather is warm and give it a lot of room to grow and spread through the summer.


If you have some Cauliflower seedlings which you have sown during april, now is the time to take them outside and give them a real home. Cauliflower is easy to grow and the plant will develop during the summer and bear lovely vegetables during the autumn, so it is the ideal timing for a fresh autumn roast.


If you like your meals to have a bit of a kick, one vegetable you should plant out in the garden this weekend is a chilli plant. Chillies come in many different shapes, sizes and hotness so make sure that you pick a plant which will produce chillies at the right spice level for you.  Young plants which would be at risk of frost when planting earlier can be planted out now and will produce some stunning spicy nuggets throughout the summer.


Pumpkin plants have to be the poster child of the autumn season and they are one of the most popular squashes of all. June is the ideal time to plant seeds or small plants in the garden because you will be able to give them plenty of time to mature into large plants and bear beautiful orange fruits (yes, they are fruits). When planting pumpkins or any other type of squash in the garden, consider bordering them with copper wire as this will deter slugs from eating the flowers before they have time to develop into pumpkins.


Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing cucumber with a summer salad while sitting in the garden with the barbecue going? I painted a fun picture for you there didn’t I? Cucumbers are super easy to grow in the garden in the summer and if you plant a young plant out there this June, you’ll have cucumbers in no time to add to your favourite salads.


Pick a herb, any herb. The beauty about herb plants is that they are incredibly simple to grow and maintain, and it will allow you to always have a fresh punch of flavour to add to your food dishes. If you don’t want to buy a plant from the garden centre you can pick one up for a low price when you visit your grocery store, or you can even buy a bunch and root a cutting in some water. Planting these outside at the start of June in a sunny spot will guarantee you some wonderful flavours all summer and autumn long.


Strawberries are a great choice for any beginner when it comes to harvesting your own fruits in the garden. Strawberry plants like to be in the sun and it is a good idea to place them in a raised bed or pot such as a window trough or a hanging basket. Throughout June and July you will get some beautiful fruits which will grow and can be used in your favourite cakes or strawberries and cream.


Make sure that when you plant potatoes in June that you plant them very deep down so that the root vegetables are able to form. Make sure as well when you plant these in the ground to place some upside down water bottles in the ground to keep them moist and make sure that they are able to grow. Once they are ready you can use them for summery roasts and lovely mash.

French beans

When we want to grow something in the summer which produces amazing flavours rapidly, french beans are an amazing choice. Like many legumes, they are able to grow in the sun throughout the summer months and will produce lots of yummy beans for everyone to enjoy.

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