Giving Our Living Room Some Life Again

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As I’ve mentioned before, we are currently in privately rented accommodation and have been for almost seven and a half years. According to our contract, we aren’t allowed to make too many changes to the house and when we leave, we will have to make sure the house is returned to its original state.

I don’t know about you but my carpets have certainly seen better days. We’ve lived here as long as we have and have had two kids weaning, potty training, playing in this house. The carpet is brown in colour as it is but age has not been kind to it. Whilst we are planning on moving when we possibly can as we need more space, I have been considering seeing if we can get the carpet replaced – at a cost to us. If we aren’t allowed, we will of course be getting a professional carpet cleaning company in but I’d love the opportunity to spruce my living room up a little.

Obviously I’d like to do this on a budget as two kids, their various clubs and just our day to day living isn’t exactly cheap so I’ve been looking for cheap carpet for if we are allowed to make the changes.

Christelle BOURGEOIS
I’d be looking for a much nicer colour than the brown we have, of course, and something that doesn’t seem to pick up every bit of dirt and stain incredibly easily – no matter how quickly I get to a stain on this carpet, it is just so obvious on this colour. Flooring Superstore are a brand I’ve been looking at, simply because they offer such a wide variety of options – there are many colours including beige, grey, purple and cream – although I don’t think I’d be choosing cream with my two clumsy kids! I also love that you can shop by price – there are four categories which are budget carpets, essential carpets, premier carpets and elite budgets so there is something to suit every budget.

With us also continuing to look for a new property due to space issues, carpet is definitely something I’ll be considering for those. We are hoping to buy in the not too distant future and nothing says making a home your own than ripping out all the old carpets from the previous owner and replacing them with brand new ones that you have chosen yourself. Either way – if we stay here (and I am allowed to) or move – I’m looking to get some new carpets to make my house look fresh and new again.

Have you ever bought new carpets for your home? How did you make the decision of which one to choose?



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  1. I often wonder about the ‘no changes’ clause in rental contracts. Whilst I guess they don’t want you to go mad with colour etc. But surely they want you to keep it clean, fresh and tidy. A new carpet can certainly help, especially if you have been there seven years

  2. We are currently looking at new carpets for our living room and like you say choosing the right colour is tricky. I like the look of the lighter carpets, but practically with two children it’s probably not a good idea!

  3. Personally I haven’t bought new carpets before although we are thinking of bringing a professional cleaner in as the carpet has definitely seen better days!

  4. I bought new carpets for my old flat and I wanted something that felt nice under the foot and didn’t feel too flat which is how I made my decision x

  5. My friend recently downloaded a sheet of what is defined as a “natural” colour and discussed it with their landlord and got them to agree to a grey feature wall – there’s hope!

  6. The ‘No Changes’ thing has always confused me, surely if it makes the property better, it can only be a good thing? We need new carpets at home, they are a beige colour and after 8 years, they need a real good clean or replacing x

  7. We’ve lived in this house for almost 4 years. The lounge carpet is a very pale brown and not suitable for children!! However, it’s still in relatively good nick so we can’t justify changing it

  8. We have just had new carpets fitted in our home and it was quite difficult deciding! We went for a grey colour as it hides lots of marks but isn’t too dark. We also discovered a lot of carpets are stain resistant and some can even be washed with bleach now to remove stubborn stains!! It has definitely made all the difference, the room feels so much nicer now!

  9. I was lucky that carpet was provided throughout my house when I bought it last year, however I would have grey carpets if I could but don’t think I will be changing anytime soon. They are so expensive!

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