LDNBBMeet | What A Day!

LDNBBMeet | What A Day!
Lisa, myself & Louise c/o She Said Beauty
ShonaLisa & me
Slightly frazzled me, Louise & Lisa
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen me going on about the London beauty blogger meetup quite a bit. Arranged by Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady with the help of the lovely Lisa and Sophie, the plan was to go shopping in Selfridges together before some of us went off to the evening event at She Said Beauty HQ.

I didn’t really take too many pictures, to be honest, but I do have a few on my Instagram here. Some others got some right crackers though…yes, you Tanya!

I met up with Shona at our local train station very early in the morning and we were meant to be getting the same train as Lisa, but we screwed that up slightly! Lisa finally caught up with us at St Pancras where we met Sophia and got the tube to Oxford Circus to meet up with Sophie. We browsed round numerous shops including & Other Stories, Muji, Illamasqua, MAC plus Liberty, and never have I been so gutted to be SO skint! I can tell you now that my wishlist has grown exponentially since shopping with these girls – they are such enablers! We also met up with Charlotte from lilmisschickas & Sarah from Some Sparkle & Shine during the shopping trip.

Before Selfridges, myself, Lisa, Shona & Sarah popped off for lunch whilst the others went to The Diner. We then met up with them a little before the other bloggers arrived for a quick browse around Selfridges. I met some fab people there who I have been talking to for ages (I’m looking at you, Helen) but before I knew it, it was over way too soon and it was time to get to She Said Beauty HQ.

There we were treated to some amazing treatments such as HD Brows, Illamasqua speckled liner and much, much more. My head was pounding by this point (I’d been ill all weekend) so I only had the speckled liner done – I absolutely loved it! We were then treated to some amazing goodie bags from the lovely people at SSB, thanks so much!

All in all, thanks have to go to Sophia plus Lisa and Sophie for arranging an amazing day. It was great to meet some people I have been talking to for so long and spend the day with them! I have been talking to some of them since before I even started my blog – aka Tanya! So it was lovely to finally meet her! I’ll leave you with some pics I stole from her Facebook…
The Goodie Bag

Have you ever been to a meet up? How did you find it?


I know, I know.
Everyone is going to be writing these posts but all I can say is that I am disgusted by the ‘youth of today’.
I am 21 & still considered a ‘youth’ in the eyes of society, but do you see me setting things on fire, breaking windows, looting and generally harming people and their property?
No, you don’t. Because I, like most sane young people, am trying to make something of myself & don’t get involved in stupid situations such as this. I know that all of you are just the same, & are appalled by these pieces of scum.. I’m sickened and disgusted by what they’re doing to our country.
However, although I am following what happens in the riots, I feel that as a country, we cannot let things halt to a standstill. We all need to carry on as normal, even though things around us definitely aren’t.
Keep safe people <3 I can’t really find anymore words to say on the subject, except keep safe.. <3