Stopping Smoking In 2019

Have you made many resolutions for 2019? What are they? One I’ve seen many of my family and friends swearing they will do in 2019 is stop smoking cigarettes. I stopped way back in 2009 and Steve stopped back in 2017, thanks to a little help from vaping.

So how can you stop smoking in 2019? I wanted to tell you about how Steve quit smoking. We’d had a tough time in our personal lives for a couple of months now and Steve was feeling a little weird – he wanted to lose weight, eat healthier and stop smoking to see if that made him feel better so he went on a real health kick. He looked into smoking cessation and found that many people recommended vaping as an alternative. It is much healthier and safer than smoking cigarettes/tobacco. He researched and researched and decided to buy himself some vaping equipment and vape liquid such as those available at dank! Vapes.

He slowly finished off the last of his tobacco (much cheaper for him to buy tobacco than packs of cigarettes) and purchased what he needed vape wise before making the jump. As I mentioned, he did a ton of research before jumping in so I’d recommend you do so too – using a reputable company such as dank! Vapes to start you on your journey.

Over time he slowly reduced the nicotine level in his liquid until it was the lowest it could be above 0 nicotine. He’s said he barely misses smoking now – he only misses it if he’s outside and the pub and everyone is smoking but he also knows he could use his vape for that if he really wants to.

Something else to consider is the fact that some people may want to use CBD oils now that oils under a certain level are legal in the UK – a move I think that is very popular. dank Vapes! offers organic UK CBD e-liquid for those wanting to use that in their vapes. With them being the UK’s number 1 online shop for high quality portable vaporizers, they definitely know their stuff. What is CBD? It is a natural compound which is extracted from certain hemp strains. It is non addictive, non toxic and non lethal and is becoming increasingly popular. It also has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects unlike THC. If you are considering stopping smoking but want to use CBD e-liquids, this may be something to consider.

Is stopping smoking on your resolution list for 2019? How are you planning on trying to quit?




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