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Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

A few weeks back, I posted on Instagram about the RascalPack we had been sent to review, Bobby Bus. I received quite a few DM’s asking about it and am now here with a full review. Please do consider liking the RascalPack Facebook page here so you can find out more about the wonderful products they have to offer.

Available to buy from Bear and Squidge, the RascalPack is a fun combination of a rucksack and a character vest. It has all the safety features of a reflective vest. The Bobby Bus RascalPack in particular is very bright in colour which is great for little ones as they love colourful things.

The rucksack has a fun character design of Bobby Bus with reflective strips. It also has a top handle for ease of carrying (often the case if my toddler wants me to carry it instead) and padded shoulder straps for comfort. If carrying with the top handle, there are press studs to handily attach the vest and rucksack together.

The straps are adjustable and there are loops to hold any dangling straps, to avoid any danger. Something I love especially about the rucksack too is that there is a place for your child to write their name and an emergency contact number. This is a great feature.

So what did we think? For £19.99 (available to buy here), this is a steal. It combines the usefulness of a rucksack and the safety of reflective vests. I sometimes have to walk home from school in the dark after Jack’s football practice and the reflective quality of this rucksack fills me with confidence that she will be seen. She is always holding my hand or in the pushchair but you cannot ever be too safe.

Olivia also loves to take things out and about with her so this is very handy for storing all the little toys she wants to take out with her. She can carry them on her back and then if she decides she doesn’t want to carry it anymore, I can easily pop the vest and rucksack together and carry it with the top handle. It is easy to store and the colours are perfectly bright which keeps Olivia’s attention. The print quality of the Bobby Bus design is fantastic and the straps seem good quality too. Olivia seems very comfortable when using this, even joyful as shown in the pictures.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect backpack for your little one, you may want to consider a RascalPack – after all, you’ll get the safety elements of the pack too. You will love it and your child will love it too!

Do your kids carry a backpack with them?

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  1. I love the safety aspects of the rucksack the most especially the reflective and name for emergency. I think Mia would love her own bag as she’s always trying to carry her own so it might be worth an investment and buying her a treat!

  2. This is such a sweet rucksack, she looks like she really loves it! The reflective strips are a fab idea too, it’s starting to get dark on the school runs now so this would be very useful for us!

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