Stocking Up Our Kitchen With Real Foods

I’ve mentioned before that Steve and I are both following the Slimming World plan which means we eat a lot of ‘free’ and ‘speed’ food – we try to focus on the ‘speed’ side of things when completely on plan as that helps with your weight loss and speed food is certain fruit and vegetables. We love making a chicken and sausage tray bake with organic veg!

It can be so easy to head into our local shop and pick up the biscuits, the chocolate, the crisps so we recently took the initiative to start shopping online to avoid this – however the temptation can still be there when ordering online from supermarkets. This is where Real Foods come in – and are perfect for us. We can order our fresh fruit and veg and the items we need for our food cupboard such as pasta, rice, couscous etc – we can even order snacks and treats but these are far more healthy than the items you can pick up in your local shop which means the temptation is less great for us and makes it easier for us to stay on plan.

Chicken and sausage tray bake – with organic veg

Real Foods sell natural, organic and vegetarian food in Edinburgh and worldwide. You could pop down to the Edinburgh store if local or you can order online if you live hundreds of miles away like me. Promising ethical and environmentally friendly shopping, the brand not only suits my needs of good food delivered to me but they also align with my morals too.

If you need to grab some non-food items, you’re covered there too. They sell household cleaning products and baby items too so everyone in the household is eating organic healthy food and using environmentally friendly products. In the run up to Christmas they even have a Christmas section!

We’ve recently been looking for somewhere we can shop online that suits our needs and I certainly think I have found it with Real Foods – tasty, healthy food delivered to your door! What could be better?


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