Setting Up Your First Website

Have you got a business that needs some serious internet presence? Social media is a big thing and is super easy to get involved in – simply by setting up some quick profiles and adding an interesting bio. Make friends, get chatting and your social media will still grow.

However the actual website side of things is a lot more difficult. Not everyone knows what they are doing when it comes to setting up a website and sometimes it can be best to rely on the professionals to design yourΒ first website. There is no harm in learning all about websites further down the line but as you make your tentative steps into an online presence for your business, it is best to rely on those who know what they are doing.

First impressions count and you want to make a good one. You want to choose a business that offers you a lot – your own design, secure hosting, support 24/7. Make sure you choose the right people for the job and your site will totally reflect exactly what you want it too.

Have you got your social media presence set up too? You may have already set up the profiles but once your website is ready, make sure your website and all your social media accounts are cohesive, that they are on brand. It can be difficult to align one profile with another if they don’t all show the same branding, the same message. Once you know what you want from your site, apply it to your social media accounts too and really get the word out there.

I set up my first site many years ago and relied on the Blogger platform for far too long before moving to my own site. My second and third sites I started from scratch myself. What would I do differently if I was back there, almost seven years ago? I would write down what I wanted from a site and got professionals in straight away to create what I wanted. Obviously back then I didn’t know where this site would take me, how far I would go with it – I honestly thought it would be over in weeks and now seven years later it is part of my job – but knowing what I know now, I would totally take the proactive steps to ensure I had a cohesive business, perfectly branded, that had been created by people that knew what they were doing – seven years later, I am only starting to work out how to create sites.

People want their businesses to grow straight away with little to no effort and little to no money put in. However this just doesn’t work. You have to put the passion in and you need to invest in your business from the outset. A perfectly designed website, perfectly optimised for search engines is just the start.

Did you hire web designers for your first site or did you do it yourself?


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