Eight Simple Ways To Save Money

You know I am a big fan of saving money – and whilst I can’t always say that it stays in my savings account for very long with the various emergencies that come up, I have a few ways of saving money that anyone can try and most likely have some success with.

*Start food planning and build your shopping list around your plan – I must admit that we don’t always stick to a meal plan – it can be extremely difficult when you just fancy something else – but when we do stick it, our bank balances thank us for it.

*Make a budget – and stick to it – don’t make it too flexible – Again this can be difficult to stick to – however if we know we have a strict budget for something (rather than a more flexible one) then we are likely to stick to it and transfer the excess we would have spent into our savings account.

*Utilise deals – If you know you need something new, check for a good deal on it. We don’t buy anything without checking if there is any money saving offers we can apply first. Use a site like DealsQueen to find some fab deals and voucher codes,

*Have you got an old account? – I find it hard to believe that people can have bank accounts that they’ve forgotten about but it does happen – Steve did. Who knows what riches you could be holding in these forgotten accounts?

*Sell, sell, sell – Got a ton of stuff taking over your house and garage that you no longer want? Stick if on Facebook selling sites and eBay and see if you can raise some cash for getting rid of your unwanted items.

*Apply for free samples – Use a site for freebies to find the samples you would like. Want a new foundation or perfume but don’t want to pay out until you have found one you like? Apply for any of the free samples that take your fancy – and hopefully they will be coming through your letterbox soon. You can get free samples for pretty much anything if you look hard enough and sites for freebies make it easier by listing what is available out there right now.

*Got a skill? Use it – Some people can sew, some people can bake, others can write. Why not use your skills and make some cash from it?

*Answer those questions – Whether you take surveys or you do market research, these can be handy little earners which can really boost the coffers on your savings account. I’ve made up to £300 in one month before from simply answering some questions.

What do you do to save money?

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