Rome: The Sights – What We Got Up To & Why I Want To Go Back

This post was originally published in October 2012. I am republishing today to show you the beauty of the city and why I want to go back.


As promised, here is Part 2 of my sightseeing photos from Rome. If you’d like to see Part 1, you can find it here. Enjoy. If you’d like to visit Rome or another Italian city, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Italy tour packages available – you won’t regret it!
Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza Venezia
We always knew we’d be visiting the Colosseum and Forum on our holiday but didn’t know about this – the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. These can be found in a number of cities across the world but I’d never heard about them until we visited this. The tomb is flanked by two armed guards. The remains in the tomb were chosen from 11 unknown remains in 1921 by a mother whose son was killed in the war but whose body was never found. The monuments, statues and sights you can see from here are just spectacular. The Forum and the Colosseum are so close and you can even see the Vatican City in the distance (Steve couldn’t resist taking a picture of it, since he had taken a picture of this when we were at the top of the Capula in the Vatican! The views were breathtaking.
The Forum
We did buy tour tickets for both the Colosseum and the Forum but unfortunately lost the tour guide before the Forum tour so all of these pictures were taken from the outside looking in. How wonderful is it to be able to see such important parts of history, though! These are all ancient government buildings and I’m sure that plaque says that it is something to do with Caesar…
The Colosseum
Perhaps the most famous landmark of all time? This was a definite must-see on our list and the place Steve was most excited to see. The Roman Colosseum is such an amazing place to visit and there is so much you can get up to whilst there. We booked on a tour of both the Forum and the Colosseum but you can book tickets for many of the activities available. It all depends on what things you are most interested in doing – perhaps you want a hop on, hop off bus tour or perhaps you want to try something unique and have a virtual reality experience whilst at the Colosseum? You could even do a tour of Ancient Rome with a wine tasting. There are so many different places to visit in the city and so many culture packages on offer where you can visit some of the best sights within one day – some even offer private access if you opt for those tickets! All this wasn’t readily available when I visited six years ago, I would definitely have taken advantage if it was!

Why would I like to go back? I don’t think I managed to see half as much of Rome as I really wanted to – I’d love to go round the Colosseum again and give the virtual reality experience a try – that wasn’t even an option when I visited. Rome is one of the most culture and history rich cities in the world, why wouldn’t I want to explore it further?

Have you ever visited any of the above?

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  1. Argh! Learn how to use cut lol! Seriously, I thought I had gone through five or six massive posts there!

    But Rome looks lovely. I wish to go to America someday, but don't know where. I need to learn Peruvian and go out there at some point, and then… where else? 😮

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