I Have House Envy…

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I am not going to lie, I think we get a rough deal when it comes to houses in the UK. Sure, you can get some lovely houses – we’ve got some absolutely beautiful houses in my village with stunning surroundings. But when I look at the houses you see on American and Canadian TV shows and documentaries, I am in awe.

They seem to have much more space and generally tend to look much more visually appealing than the houses we have in the United Kingdom, don’t you think? In the UK, homes average 1063 square feet whereas homes over there tend to average twice that. Many of our houses are terraced or semi detached, many Canadian homes are detached.

Something I also love about Canadian houses is the decking. So many houses seem to have it – I have seen some great examples such as mississauga landscaping. You may wonder why I have been researching Canadian houses – well, emigrating to Canada has been something Steve and I have discussed for years. His grandfather was Canadian and it is somewhere Steve has always wanted to live, even if just for a little while. We’ve been discussing our perfect house and decking is something we definitely want – who wouldn’t want to chill out on their deck whilst watching the kids playing on the front lawn?

We are obviously going to want to get the best for our money and what we could get here in the UK for our budget is totally out done by what we can get over in Canada – even more reason to consider the move over there even more strongly. We struggle to find decent properties over here in our county that suit our needs, that doesn’t seem like it would be as much of a problem in Canada – most properties we look at seem to fit our needs.

Is it wrong to have house envy though? Is it wrong to say that I prefer the way houses look in a different country to where I live? I don’t think it is – surely it is something to aspire to, don’t you think? Do you ever look at houses abroad and wish you could live in one of them, just like me?

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