Red Candy Black LEGO Storage Brick | Review

This item was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now if you have a child, you will know that they will most likely love LEGO – and why not? It’s fun for all the family, it is affordable and provides hours of entertainment. But if you are anything like me, your child will always constantly be getting LEGO – his school friends will buy him LEGO sets for his birthday, family and friends buy it for Christmas and then he also buys sets with his own money and we occasionally treat him too. The end result? We have tons and tons of LEGO and not much space to store it.

So we needed a solution. We live in quite a small house and storage space is an issue. I have worked with Red Candy numerous times before and they asked me if I would like to review something else from their range. Well, as soon as I spotted this I knew it had to be this. The Black LEGO storage brick comes in two sizes – square with 4 knobs or rectangle with 8 knobs. The square retails at £18.99 and the rectangular one at £24.99. We opted for the latter as we had so much LEGO to store.

lego legoWhilst you don’t have to store just bricks in this storage box, it made sense for us and Jack was keen for it to arrive. It has a sleek black finish but there are also other colours available, both in the square and rectangular shapes. The storage box is BPA free. This particular box measures at 50cm x 25cm x 18cm. It is also an official licensed product.

So what did Jack think of it?


Let’s just say he was so excited when he saw it had arrived and instantly sat down and tidied his LEGO away into it – I’ve never seen him so keen to tidy toys. Anything LEGO related, even the cards you can get in Sainsbury’s right now, have been added to the box and he has been taking great pleasure in showing everyone his storage and what it contains inside. Storage is a must in this house and we are always in need of more storage. The problem is storage can be really boring so this is a great product for your child’s toy corner or play room. Not only is it super functional and keeps those pesky bricks tidied away but it also looks great too!

We’ve noticed that there seems to be the possibility of stacking the boxes too so should Jack end up with anymore LEGO in the not too distant future (which is more than likely), we know exactly where to go to get storage.

How do you store your bricks?

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