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These are just a few of the things I have picked up recently – I haven’t included the stuff I bought on Tuesday with Shona, Lisa & Hannah as I stupidly forgot to include them when taking the pictures – there is a picture of them on my Instagram if you’re that interested though.

Everything in these pictures except two things came from good old Poundland! I was out with my Dad and Jack (post to come soon as a guest post on Life In A Breakdown) and my Dad wanted some stuff from there…who am I to say no?

I’d seen a few people post about Calvin Klein eyeshadows in Poundland – I think Sara was one – and I was hoping I’d have some luck myself. Nope. However, I did pick up a couple of Famous and Collection eyeshadows, some So…? lipglosses, a cooling mist, hand cream and some travel bottles. I also bought some books – I’m not sure why, it isn’t like I don’t have enough already!

The Technic palette was from an Amazon order I made – I was ordering my friends birthday present but it came to just under £10 thus not qualifying for free delivery. I had a browse around and picked this. I know I could have just forked out for the delivery charge but even with this on top, it still came to less than what just the present would have been! Crazy, right? Buy it here.

The storage you see above was by far my best buy of the day. Just the day before I had been moaning about having too many lip products and not enough storage. I had been looking all day for something affordable but pretty with enough space for my expansive collection. I’d almost given up until I popped into my local charity shop and saw this sitting there for the grand total of…

£2.50. Yes, that is all it cost me! It is quite bulky and heavy so it took a little bit of effort to get home but for that price, I am hardly complaining. I’m planning on giving it a bit of TLC and a paint job perhaps (expect a post!) but I am so pleased with it! 

What have you been buying recently?

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  1. oooo let me know what the katie price book is like, i always forget to read them haha typical love story i imagine though, im reading all of Heartland books at the moment 🙂 by Lauren Brooke xxx

  2. Nice haul!

    I tend to just be buying for the baby lately but I did treat myself to a Paul Smith perfume from boots the other day. It was only £11! It smells gorgeous too. Really light and floral. x

  3. Love the storage box and that is exactly what I am after for my smaller make up items and nail polishes but all I can find are cardboard versions; you got yourself a bargain there!

  4. Them drawers were a great bargain, I saw the calvin klein make up too and I wasn't sure if if to pick them up or not.

    x x x

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