Reading The Signs Someone Likes You

When we like someone, we want to know if they like us but it can be difficult to tell. What signs do you need to look for to find out if someone likes you?

Body Language

A persons body language tells a lot about them. 93% of all communication is non verbal so being able to read someones body language is important. Women may try to close the distance between you, she may expose her wrists which are one of the more sensitive and tender parts of their body. She will also find a way to touch you. A man shows less signs – he might push his shoulders back. Eye contact is the most important obvious sign.

Friends Can Be More Than Friends

Some of us may feel that we are in the friend zone but it is important to realise that friends can become more – one can develop feelings for the other. To work out if a friend likes you as more than a friend, the way they act around you will be different. They may act more chivalrous or ask if you like someone constantly.

Mirroring and Barriering

People who like someone will often mirror the others movements and also try to remove any barriers between them. If someone is copying your movements or constantly removing obstacles between them, then it is more than likely that they have a crush on you.

These are just a few ways of working out if someone likes you – but fingers crossed they just tell you, eh?

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