Top 5 Tips For Weaning Plus Our Thoughts On Hipp Organic Jars

Hipp Organic

We were sent the Hipp Organic jars for the purpose of review.

It seems like we forgot everything when it came to weaning Olivia. We weaned Jack five years ago so all the information had completely flown out of our minds. So we refreshed ourselves on what we needed to know and knew that we would be doing a mixture – we’d occasionally let Olivia have purees but would really encourage her eating finger foods too.

Hipp Organic

Now Olivia loves her finger foods but is likely to turn her nose up at a jar in favour of something she can hold herself. However she does still love the occasional puree so read on to think of what we thought of the Hipp Organic jars. But first of all, here are our top five tips for weaning:


Let your child have fun with food. Don’t get stressed with them exploring – let them find out what they like and discover new flavours.

Offer two different flavours

Offer a savoury and a sweet if you can. It provides variety and keeps it interesting.

Let them tell you when they’re full

Don’t try and make them finish it off – they will know when they are full and will let you know with certain signs

Try, try again

Just because they don’t like it the first time doesn’t mean they won’t the next time. It can take up to five attempts before a baby will learn to like a new food.

Continue their milk feeds

Whether they are formula fed or breastfed, continue their milk feeds around the weaning process. As their food intake increases, their milk intake will decrease.

Hipp Organic

With that in mind, what did we think of the Hipp Organic jars we were sent?

Hipp Organic
Hipp Organic

We were sent two different flavours. Mashed potato with beef and green vegetables with couscous and turkey. We tried the mashed potato and beef first and Olivia tried a couple of mouthfuls but kept pushing it away. I tried again the next day after refrigerating the rest of the pot. Then we tried the other pot a few days later and she still wasn’t a fan. As I mentioned before it can take babies up to five attempts to like a new food so I will definitely purchase some more and try again but for now, Olivia isn’t a big fan.

Hipp Organic

However the green vegetables with couscous went down a treat. Olivia couldn’t gobble it up quick enough – she was very annoyed when she realised she had finished. I’ve never known her to eat a savoury pot with such gusto – that’s usually reserved for the sweet pots so I will definitely be picking some more of these up as I know she really enjoys them.

What we love about Hipp Organic is that their pots are free from sugar and all pots are portioned specifically to align with the total recommended energy requirements for each stage of weaning. We will definitely be picking up some more of the range especially as they are the only brand stocked in our small local Sainsburys – Olivia is a big fan of one flavour and we will definitely try her again on the other and hopefully the same will be able to be said for that.

Have your little ones tried Hipp Organic? Read more about them here.

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