Reading With Jack | Goodnight World by Debi Gliori

We were sent this book to review as part of the Boolino Friends programme. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog called Reading With Jack. Jack has always been a big book lover just like me but since he started Reception and began his reading record, his thirst for reading has become even greater. He loves books even more and is always disappointed if the teacher or teaching assistant forgets to change his book for a new one. His reading itself is coming along great – he’s been learning plenty of ‘tricky’ words and really tries his hardest to figure out every word before asking for help.

When asked if we would like to partner with Boolino and review some books, I had to say yes. Nothing brings me more pleasure than a new book and Jack is very much the same. We were recently sent Goodnight World to review. So what were our thoughts?

Goodnight World is described as ‘a magically rhythmic bedtime book that will calm and comfort children in the evening‘ and that’s something I can definitely do with after Jack’s been at school all day. He’s often extremely tired but desperately tries to fight sleep so we need a book that is going to calm him rather than make him more energetic.

I personally find this book absolutely beautiful. The wording is absolutely stunning and the illustrations are breathtaking. The soft rhyming lends to a calm and peaceful atmosphere and Jack likes to join in saying goodnight to everything in the world. He’s a big fan of nature and animals and all that so was keen to rhyme along.

When it comes to some picture books for children, I don’t always find that the illustrations accurately depict what is going on in the text but this book certainly does. In the above picture, you really get the feeling of the boats rocking on the tide.

Jack really enjoyed reading this book and has asked for it to be read to him and for him to attempt to read to me multiple times since. He’s also planning on reading it to his little sister when she arrives which I think is oh so cute! I love that my son has such a passion for reading and that books like this ignite the passion even more.

This book currently retails at £11.99 here and is suitable for ages 0-5. If you sign up to Boolino and share your opinions on books you have read, you receive a free book after 20 comments! A great resource if you have a big reader in your life.

What’s yours or your child’s favourite book right now?

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