The Poor Pay More Poverty Trap

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Have you ever felt that you were paying more for something than someone who perhaps had a little more disposable income was? You wouldn’t be far wrong. That extra few quid we or may have in our pocket can be ever so helpful but have you ever felt you were paying through the nose for something when you really couldn’t afford it?

Cashfloat recently published a blog post discussing this and even created an infographic (which you can see below) after surveying UK citizens living below the poverty line. I’m sure you will agree that some of the findings are quite shocking.

3 Reasons why the Poor Pay More
3 Reasons why the Poor Pay More by
I wouldn’t have really thought about it like this before but it makes sense. Bulk buying does save us all money in the long run – but if you don’t have the funds or the storage in the first place to buy it, you are going to end up paying more money than those who can technically afford the items. Same goes for rent – mortgages usually end after a set number of years but if you can’t afford to get a mortgage in the first place, you are thus stuck with renting for the rest of your life – eventually that will end up more expensive.

Have you ever found that you are paying more for something than someone you know who has far more disposable income than you? Had you ever thought about it like this – what do you think of Cashfloat’s findings?

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