Recently, I have been taking these little pills to help me through my pregnancy. They don’t taste amazing, but they seem to do the job. I have recently been feeling really exhausted, and these little beauties claim to have folic acid, iron and other vitamins and minerals within to help you throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

At my next midwifes appointment, I will be voicing my concerns over my exhaustion and slight dizziness as I was told a couple of years ago that I was slightly anaemic, and I’m fed up of feeling like rubbish.

Have any of you mums or pregnant women out there got any other ways of fending off your exhaustion and dizziness? I’d be grateful to know!

Also, just thought I should let you know, as I have mentioned on Twitter a lot recently, Bump has been kicking majorly over the past week or so! Definitely got a little bruiser in there!

Hope you’re all having a great evening xo

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