My weekend.

I had an extremely busy weekend – and being the ditz I am, once again forgot my camera.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are having to move out of our little cottage, and back into my parents for a while. With a baby on the way and an inability to get a mortgage at this moment in time due to bad credit history, we are looking to relocate to the seaside once our little bubba is about 5 months old, and instead of forking out a ton of money on rent, we are looking into buying a static caravan and living on a site in Clacton. Whilst there (and me being on maternity leave), S can work on site and also do his accountancy course, thus we can save up for a deposit, and by the time we move back up here, the bad credit scores will have gone.

Obviously, if we are buying a caravan then we need money for it. Check. We have agreed to use our deposit to buy it as we can’t stay at my parents for too long, and renting is effectively throwing money down the drain. This solves our short term problems and we have taken into account space for the baby, and accessibility to local amenities. The park we have chosen in Clacton is just a few minutes from the sea, the town and the railway station, meaning that everything we need is nearby, and its easy for family & friends to come to stay.

You may be wondering why then, that it was a busy weekend.

Well, I had to work until 5pm on Saturday, I rushed home, packed a few things, and we sped down the motorway to Camber Sands. Steves parents own a caravan down at Camber, and are holidaying down there for the next few days. Knowing of our plans, they offered us a place to stay, so we could take a look around the static caravans that Park Resorts (the company which owns Camber Sands and the Clacton park we like) had for sale.

Unfortunately, the salesman that Steve’s stepmum says offers the best deals wasn’t there this weekend, so we are going back this coming weekend to speak to him, and seal the deal. We want to buy as soon as possible, so we can rent it out until the end of the season and then move in, thus earning some money back towards it.

However this did give me the great opportunity to sample some amazing local food. I apologise for the lack of pictures once again, but I hope I can do the establishments justice when describing them.

Picture by Chris Whippet, found here
First & foremost, The Woolpack Inn in Romney Marsh in Kent. Just a few miles up the road from Camber, this gorgeous pub serves the most amazing food, and a great selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. We had all eaten here before, but we decided to go yesterday afternoon, as the weather was fantastic, and we fancied some good, home-made ‘grub’.
Seeing as the weather was so delightful, we sat outside in the pub garden, and listened to the refrains of a 50’s & 60’s singer reciting such tunes such as My Boy by Elvis Presley, and Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. Steves dad sampled the local bitter, his mum white wine and lemonade, and with Steve as the designated driver & me being pregnant, we stuck to Diet Coke (S) and orange juice (me).
For starters, I had a half pint of prawns with brown bread. I have avoided shellfish for most of my pregnancy but have been advised that I can have some every now and again. Steve had cheesy garlic bread, and his father some scallops.
For main, both Steve and I had steak and ale pie, me with potatoes & veg, and him with chips and peas. His mum had gammon steak with egg, pineapple and a jacket potato, and his dad had a pate,cheddar, stilton & ham portions. They certainly don’t scrimp on portions!
My main was great, but even though I felt stuffed, I still felt able to squeeze in some banoffee pie. Steve and his mum didn’t opt for desserts, but his dad had white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake. They were divine!
I promise that if we go again next week, I won’t forget my camera! πŸ™‚ Overall, the quality, sheer quantity and price of the food is well worth another visit!
Thinking about my stomach yet again (well, I am eating for two, aren’t I?), when we popped into Rye, East Sussex on the way home this morning, I just had to pop in to this gorgeous little coffee shop called The Apothecary in Rye (their website can be found here ). What charmed me was the decor of the place, books everywhere, and a wide selection of cakes to choose from.
They have recently had a refurbishment, and an extension has been made at the back, which is where we decided to sit, away from the hubbub of the main seating area. Once there, we took a glance at the menu and for a little coffee shop, their menu was definitely extensive. They also have a chalk board detailing their specials. However, Steve & I opted for something from the menu and I chose a sausage roll, a apple and toffee crepe, and a chocolate banana milkshake. Steve chose a mature cheddar & pickle sandwich, a Nutella filled crepe, and a hot chocolate.
We both tried a mouthful/sipful of each others meals and drinks, and I have to admit the food was fabulous. We shall definitely be visiting there again, and I urge you to take a look in if you ever find yourself in Rye.
What did you do this weekend? Let me know in a comment below πŸ™‚
For now,

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