Long Distance Love: Can It Work?

Long distance love is becoming an ever common thing nowadays – but can it truly work? People meet once on holiday, hit it off and then find out they leave opposite ends of the country – or even worse, in completely different countries. Can they really keep the love burning being so far away from each other?

With the internet offering so much more now, especially in the way of dating, there is even more potential to meet a long distance lover. You could be looking for Canberra singles whilst holidaying in Australia and then journey back home having found the man or woman of your dreams. You may be looking at the best dating sites around and find the right person for you but find out that they leave ages away.

Many of us choose to visit our location specific dating sites such as a Staffordshire dating site, trying out a dating agency London style or even an Aberdeen dating site so we wouldn’t think of meeting a long distance lover on there…but it is possible. People may only be living in the area for a little while but still want to look for love and why shouldn’t they be able to?

Can long distance love work though? Yes – it truly can make your love stronger if you are truly meant for each other. It can be difficult to trust someone when you aren’t physically with them but if you trust them wholeheartedly then that is probably a lot stronger than many relationships that aren’t long distance because they don’t have the trust. You also appreciate your partner more as you can’t physically be with them every day and you actually have to talk to each other to find out what has been going on in their life – something that doesn’t happen so much if you are living in each others pockets.

So in conclusion, yes long distance relationships can work.You just need to work on them and be in them for the long haul. Could you do it?



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