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Jack has been begging me for a Hatchimal for quite some time – he was desperate for one last year but unfortunately they went completely out of stock. When given the chance to receive a Hatchimals Surprise to coincide with their launch, I just knew I had to say yes and couldn’t wait to see Jack’s face.

Hatchimals SurpriseHatchimals Surprise

So what is a Hatchimals Surprise? Just like the previous Hatchimals, they will hatch with your love and your care. Tilting them, rubbing the bottom, tapping the egg. Each thing you do will showcase a certain light colour and when it is flashing rainbow colours, that’s when the Hatchimals Surprise is ready to hatch!  Even better – once they’re hatched you can raise them from baby to toddler to kid. As they grow they do more and more things and you can play games with them too!

The egg loves to be interacted with and Jack loved interacting with it. When the egg started to crack, Jack was very excited especially when the Hatchimal started to sing Happy Birthday. But then the surprise came…

So what was the surprise? Watch our unboxing below to find out….

Yes, that’s right! TWINS.

Jack was super excited to see twins and this means he can play games with his little sister with the two of them – so handy when you have two children trying to fight over toys! Once hatched, the Hatchimals are in baby mode and are very interactive. Your children can play with them or you can face them towards each other where they will interact with each other.

Hatchimals Surprise

With Hatchimals Surprise, there are two different types of Hatchimals: Peacats or Giravens. These come in a variety of colours – we received two Giravens, one pink and one blue. Jack has just progressed them to the toddler stage and is giving them plenty of care and attention in the hope of progressing them to the next stage soon.

The Hatchimals Surprise is currently available at £74.99 and I can see it being a very popular present this Christmas – the normal Hatchimal costs just £15 less so you are getting an extra one for mere pennies! Why not pick one up for your child this Christmas?

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  1. Finding two must have been a fab surprise for Jack. Ellie is a teenager now but she would have loved these when she was younger. It’s great they’re so interactive, they’re like a modern day tamagotchi aren’t they!

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