What It Is Like Being A Mum Of Two

Some people ask me what it is like being a mum of two – and honestly, I can say that not that much is different at all. Yes, I’ve had to spend time adjusting to life with two children. Jack has had to adjust to not being the only child anymore and whilst he adores his sister, this hasn’t been easy for him. His behaviour hasn’t been that great since Olivia was born – whilst we try to give him one on one time with us too, it can be so difficult with a baby who is constantly needing you. However Steve and I both make the effort to take him to places on our own, to put him to bed, to read him a story or have him read his school books to us.

Life as a mum of two isn’t easy but it wasn’t necessarily easy as a mum of one. Yes, there is one more person to worry about, one more mouth to feed, one more body to clothe. But you adjust to this, you work things out and soon it doesn’t seem like much difference at all. I’ve been through it all before with Jack so whilst having a young baby isn’t ever going to be a walk in the park for me, at least I’ve been here before and know what I am doing.

Having a daughter isn’t much different to having a son – of course there are the obvious anatomical differences – but Olivia has a similar temperament to Jack when he was a baby, she does so many things like he did it is unreal. I get to dress her in cute little dresses and tights which is great – and does cause my bank balance to take a bit of a hit – but for the most part, not much is different at all.

The only thing I am currently struggling with is my work/life balance. With Jack at nursery last year and at full time school this year, I had got used to having a select amount of time in which to work. Now I have to work around Olivia as I couldn’t afford to take maternity leave being self employed. This can be quite difficult at times, especially when you add school runs and appointments into the mix. In the school holidays, Jack is quite happy to amuse himself some of the time but I obviously have to make time to spend with him so my work/life balance really takes a hit.

I wouldn’t give up being a mum of two for the world but it certainly isn’t a walk in the park. However, we make sacrifices for our children and do things to keep our children safe and happy. If work has to take a hit, so be it – I won’t ever get these times back.

Do you have more than one child? How do you find it?

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