Let’s Talk About Love on Valentines Day

Did you know these facts about Valentines Day? I bet you didn’t – I bet you didn’t realise men spend twice as much as women or more than nine million pet owners will buy a present for their pet on February the 14th.

I bet you also didn’t realise the love and sexual things that come from Valentines Day – more at home pregnancy tests are sold in March than any other month. As someone who conceived one of their children in mid February, I can certainly vouch for this one!

It is probably little surprise that rates of certain sexually transmitted diseases have reached an all time high in the last ten years! If there is ever a more pressing time to take care of your sexual health, Valentines Day is that day.

This Valentines Day infographic from The Independent Pharmacy talks about a variety of Valentines Day facts including the fact that sales of erectile dysfunction medication spike after Valentines Day. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that isn’t necessarily all that understood. 20% of the time it is caused because of psychological reasons, 80% of the time because of physical reasons. 1 in 10 men suffer but only 33% of these 1 in 10 men actually seek help and treatment – how crazy is that? Surely more should be done to raise awareness and let them know that it is nothing to be ashamed of, especially with the pressures that Valentines Day brings.

Did you know these facts?


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