Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Home

It can be so difficult to choose the right lighting for your home. I know I struggle. The lighting throughout our house is so inconsistent – it’s unreal. Our living room has a simple lampshade set up, the dining room chandelier set up. The kitchen and bedrooms are light bulbs although our bedroom is bizarre and has the light off-centre which makes no sense to me. Trying to choose the right lighting for my house is pretty much impossible.

I’ve been looking at the designer lights available at Studio Arntzen, created by Paula Arntzen. Her design lights shop has such a wide variety of beautiful designs that would suit my house such as the Grand Trianon and the Droplet.

I always find it so difficult to pick items for my home. We are four people living in this house – all with different tastes. I usually just stick to plain and simple items so that everyone’s happy but I would love to give my home a little more pizzazz with lighting like this.

There are some tips you really need to know before buying lighting for your home. You need to know the basics and create a lighting plan and learn more about the different types of lighting. They say that a successful lighting scheme is made up of several layers: natural, general, accent and task light.

Paula Arntzen knows exactly how to make sure you have the perfect lighting for your house. Studio Arntzen is run by Dutch designer Paula Arntzen and not only does she have a strong fascination for lighting design but she also has an interest in furniture design. She mixes her craft skills with design, and a delicate use of technology to create wonderful products. She tries to push the boundaries of design and experiements with materials and techniques to create experiences with their own distinctive identity.

Paula studied Traditional Furniture Making at the HMC in the Netherlands after high skill where she developed her knowledge and crafting skills. She then went on to study Product Design at the ArtEZ Academy Art. She launched her design studio after graduating in 2009 where she focused on the realisation of light installations for products and public spaces. Her work has been internationally presented and it is not hard to see why.

With all that knowledge, I am certain that her lighting products would suit any home – once you know the lighting basics. Paula knows what she is talking about and what she is designing and I am in love with her designs. We need to change up the light fixtures in this house as they are all over the place with no consistency so I’d love to make mu lighting throughout the house consistent and of Studio Arntzen’s beautiful designs.

I’ve already got a few favourites such as the two I mentioned above but there are plenty of other lighting products available on the site that I’d be more than happy to have in my household. After all, it is nice to have nice stuff in the house sometimes that everyone can appreciate, right?

How do you choose lighting in your home?


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