Impress your hubby with the Jigtech range from Ironmongery Experts

The Jigtech range is now available at Ironmongery Experts, providing you with the very best in smart and creative door hardware. With a catalogue of brand new products on offer, there has never been a better time to delve into some DIY in order to improve your home and really impress your husband.

Jigtech has been the leading innovator within their industry for over 25-years. Using their cutting edge technology, they have revolutionised the way people are able to install and operate both door handles and latches.

Here is our run down on some of the items available with Jigtech at Ironmongery Experts.

Jigtech Polished Chrome Solar Lever on Rose

This door handle radiates simplicity and style with its polished chrome finish. The contemporary design along with its curved handle makes it suitable for any household. This particular model is appropriate for doors with a thickness of 35mm – 44mm and has the option of being converted to a privacy function with the addition of tubular latches.

Jigtech Polished Chrome Round Bathroom Snib Turn & Release

This product provides a simple method of locking bathroom facilities. A fast fitting is assured since the item will have been factory assembled prior to purchase. As with all Jigtech products, this bathroom snib can be installed within just five-minutes and will improve both efficiency and accuracy for door handle and latch installation.

Jigtech Polished Chrome Square Bathroom Snib Turn & Release

As with the previous product, this bathroom snib will ensure you can lock bathrooms. This design has instead been manufactured with a square shaped body. Longevity is the key when it comes to these particular models as they form an integral part for any bathroom door.

Jigtech Pro Installation Kit

If you want to fit the perfect door handle every time in a proficient and timely manner, then this installation kit has everything you need. The kit includes all the required tools and materials such as spade bits, keep locators and latch tappers. You will be able to complete jobs with ease using these time-saving products which have been designed by industrial innovators within the UK. This kit will guarantee that every consideration can be made for the upmost level of accuracy.  

Jigtech Satin Nickel 57mm Privacy Magnetic Latch

This privacy magnetic latch allows you to achieve privacy with the push of a button. The design uses a soft strike mechanism for noise reduction and uses rubber buffers to reduce any sound when the door strikes the frame.

Joe Fisher, handyman at the Handy Squad, is full of praise for the Jigtech range, he said: “we highly recommend using Jigtech equipment from Ironmongery Experts to quickly and easily install door handles and latches.”

Ironmongery Experts supply much more than just the Jigtech range. Since 1992, this family run business has been supplying the ironmongery industry with their trademark personal touch. They have all the handles and latches suitable for Jigtech products as well as a multitude of other industry proven designs such as; door stops, cylinders, signs, window furniture and sundry items.

This article was written by DIY enthusiast David Newman. David is the Managing Director of Magento Web Design Agency Ad Lab.


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