How To Wear Denim

I am rarely seen in a dress unless it is a special occasion and even then it is very unlikely I will get my legs out. I’m often found in jeans, leggings or jeggings – that well known mix of the two. I love some decent denim and like all people I have preferences (darker denim all the way, I haven’t worn light denim for years as it just doesn’t suit me).  I often find it hard to find the right jeans for my size/shape and I struggle with dressing them up or down for certain occasions. Denim is one of those materials that can be used for almost any occasion – but you have to get it right.

denim infographic1 denim infographic2 denim infographic3 denim infographic4 denim infographic5


This handy infographic showing the different styles of ladies jeans and how to style them is actually really helpful and gives me tons of ideas for how I’m going to style my denim outfits for the events I have coming up. I think I might still avoid the flares though, they’ve never suited me and I don’t think they will now either. How about you?

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