5 Books I Think Everyone Should Read

I have been loving book related posts recently and I always love seeing people’s bookish related lists. Today, I am bringing you the 5 books I think everyone should read and why.


 I adored this book when I was younger. It was quite hard hitting as I was quite young when I read it. This book  tells the story of two young people, Sephy who is a Cross, a member of the dark skinned ruling class and Callum, a Nought – a  colourless member of the underclass. The underclass were formerly slaves to the ruling class.

Having been friends since childhood, this friendship turns into romance and this book provides a different but earth  shattering look at racism and racial prejudice in an alternate society. I haven’t read this for quite some time now but recently  ordered it so I could re-read it and I’m planning to get the other books in the series too – I want to reread those as well.

This definitely made me think and has stayed with me since I was a child. Definitely worth a read. There’s also a graphic novel  too!


LITTLE WOMEN // LOUISA MAY ALCOTT (Find it on Goodreads)

 Granted, this isn’t the most popular classic of all time but it is my favourite. Even now, so many years after I read the book for  the first time, I still wish I was Jo and look up to her and admire her – I saw so much of myself in her. I’ve reread this many  times since and I’m sure that I will reread it many more times in my life.

The views in the book were so incredibly modern for their time, Jo was so driven to succeed in her chosen path as a writer  even when her sister takes some horrible revenge.

A tale of love between sisters and growing up together, battling through what life throws at them – I adore it. This will always  be my favourite classic. Many have tried to takes its crown, none have managed it!


SOUL BEACH // KATE HARRISON (Find it on Goodreads)

  Not many people have heard of this series and that really surprises me. I won the first book in a giveaway many years ago now    and I loved the book so much, I bought the second book straight after finishing the first one. It pained me waiting for the third  and final book in the trilogy.

Grieving after the death of her sister, Megan, Alice Forster is sickened when she receives an email supposedly from her dead  sister. But then the sender reveals details that only her sister knew. An invite is then sent to her to join Soul Beach, a virtual world  – an online paradise where she can talk to her sister again – and perhaps find out how and why she died.

Alice finds a lot more than she bargained for, including love, but why do the young beautiful dead end up there? This is a fantastic  read and one I suggest everyone should give a go.



I had to fit an Agatha Christie book in there somewhere, right? Seriously though – if you only read just one Agatha Christie  book, make it this one.

The mystery and intrigue is built up so well and the situation is so tense. The whole thing seems impossible – and you will be  left scratching your head as to how, why and who.

They are making a new TV adaptation of this soon with some major household names: Aidan Turner, Charles Dance, Sam Neill,  Miranda Richardson and Burn Gorman are just some of the names signed up! I can’t wait!

If you read this and fancy reading more of Agatha’s books, I suggest The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Cat Among The Pigeons,  Murder on the Orient Express and The Thirteen Problems.



I had to add some poetry in there and what better poet to add than the one who penned my favourite poem, Remember.  I  have a slim volume of her poems on my bookshelves and I also bought the Little Black Classics volume too (I was gutted to  find out that Remember wasn’t inside but hey, it was 80p and I love her other poems too!)

I remember doing a report on Remember in my English class and a couple of people remarking how beautiful the poem  was. It is a sonnet and quite solemn in context, I hope that should I die, my family know to have this poem recited as I love  it so much.

Rossetti also wrote a number of other great poems, including Goblin Market, and I believe that more people need to read  her poetry and appreciate it as much as I do.


What books would you recommend that everyone should read? Have you read any of my list?

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  1. Little women is one of my favourites too!

    I would also say:

    The Shadow of the Wind
    The Poisonwood Bible
    Lord of the Rings (sorry!)

    I couldn’t pick any other ones really – there are too many!

  2. Oh big yes to Christina Rossetti, Goblin Market is a favourite of mine. I like to read a lot of classic children’s books, Alice in Wonderland, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Box of Delights – anything with magic still in them 🙂

  3. I haven’t read a book for so many years – I used to do it on the commute to work… but since working from home, reading is a hobby that dried up for me. I should really find the time, as I’ve got several books to read on my Kindle

    1. I’ve only recently got back into reading again – when I take PC breaks I try and sneak some reading time in and often then end up there for longer than I expected lol

  4. I’ve read 3 of those: the Christie (a real classic that one), Little Women (a childhood fave) and the Rossetti poetry (so unusual for me as I don’t usually bother with poetry, but I love her poems).

  5. You make them all sound so readable. Soul Beach has really peaked my interest. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend a book called The Killing Jar by Nichola Monaghan. It’s pretty gritty, but worth a read.

  6. I haven’t actually read any of those but have heard of them.
    I’d say wuthering heights would be the book I think everyone should read, I had to read it for my A level english and it’s stayed with me ever since

  7. Oh, yes, Little Women is a classic and a beloved one to me too,for sure, Emma already has her own children’s version of the book! I like the sound of the Noughts and Crosses, will look it up on Amazon. As for recommending, I won’t dare, reading is such a personal experience and we all prefer various styles and genres.xx

  8. Noughts & Crosses seems interesting.
    I post book reviews (once I finish reading a book…so far I have one post up).
    On my Goals page I have listed all the books I plan on reading in 2016.
    Check it out!! 🙂

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