How To Make The Perfect Latte

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Making a latte isn’t rocket science, even though baristas would love you to think it was. Some skill is involved, but you don’t need to pay extortionate rates if all you want is a latte. The cost tends to add up over time, particularly if you develop a crippling addiction to having a beautiful latte when you wake up in the morning. Thankfully, a perfect latte is definitely something you can achieve by yourself at home.

By making your own latte each morning at home, you’re bound to save yourself loads of cash. Which means a coffee machine will pay for itself several times over. Have a gander at for some options. Until then, here’s how to do it yourself.

Get the ingredients together
Firstly, warm your cup while you get everything else ready. This will really impress your guests! Pour some boiled water into the cup to keep it warm, which will keep your latte warm for longer too. To make espresso, you’ll need a stovetop espresso maker. You’ll want to make a strong shot or double-shot of coffee.

While it’s brewing, heat one to one-and-a-half cups of milk in a saucepan or a metal pitcher. 2% milk will make a creamy, foamy, rich latte, but you can also use skimmed or 1% milk as well. Whole milk is hard to foam but ultimately wins out on flavour, as its high fat content will give you a tastier latte.

Steam the milk
Using the whisk, whip the milk into a froth. This can get a little tiresome: if you’re not into an early-morning arm workout, use a blender or food processor instead to heat up the milk. Use a thermometer for the best results. You should steam the milk, ideally with a steam wand, until its around 68°C to 74°C. Anything above 77°C will scorch.

If you don’t have a thermometer, place your hand underneath the pitcher. When it’s too hot to touch, remove it from the steam. Place the steam wand diagonally into the milk, just below the surface of the milk, so it can froth up nicely. There’s an art to getting the froth right: ideally, you should have small, light bubbles instead of bigger ones. This is so that the foam will have lightness without having to compromise the body.

During this stage, move the steam wand in a rotational flow inside the pitcher.

It’s Coffee Time
Once brewed, pour the coffee into your cup and leave a little room for the milk and foam. Drizzle the frothed milk over the coffee  – this is where you can try out your own milk-designs and have a little fun. But make sure you hold back the froth with a spoon, only letting the milk pour into the mug. Layer the froth onto the coffee afterwards.

Once it’s ready, you can sex up your latte any way you want: try some vanilla syrup, or if you’re staying healthy, a little bit of honey. By making them yourself, you’ll quickly find yourself saving a huge amount of money on those morning lattes!

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