House Envy

Do you ever look at other people’s homes and wish that yours could look like that? Maybe their house is just more organised and spick and span than yours or perhaps they have something in their house that you wish you could have in yours but you can’t for whatever reason (space won’t allow, it just isn’t practical etc). House envy is real and we all suffer from it.

I live in quite a small house – the bedrooms are decently sized but the kitchen is absolutely tiny – I’d love a dishwasher and an American style fridge freezer like my friends have but all I can fit in my kitchen is a tiny washing machine alongside the usual kitchen appliances. Our cupboards are on the wall which doesn’t leave room for a massive fridge freezer.

The same goes for our living room. I’m quite happy with our sofa, with our TV and I like the open plan layout that leads to what we call the dining room. However, there is a massive crack in the wall where they have boarded up an old fireplace and not done it too well. It is very unsightly and I’d much prefer a wall mountable fireplaceΒ in the living room to make it look a bit better – so many of my friends have them and I think they look great.

I’m happy with the size of our bedrooms but we are all so disorganised – I’m so envious of my friends who manage to keep their bedrooms completely tidy all of the time. I swear it is impossible when you have kids! I try my hardest to keep on top of it but it seems almost impossible. In fact, I am due a big declutter this weekend to get it done once and for all.

Do you suffer from house envy? What would you like in your house that you don’t have? What would you like your house to look like?


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