Olivia | Six Months On

Since Olivia’s five month update, a lot has changed. She has really come into her personality a lot more and the biggest thing is that she has started weaning! Instead of just doing purees/pots or baby led weaning, we are doing a bit of both – getting her to try different textures and flavours and see what she likes the most.

So far she is adoring porridge and some baby banana wafers we found. She has also been trying some of the Babease range which we will be reviewing very soon. She’s still trying to sit upright and getting very frustrated when things don’t go her way. She has really found her voice right now and can shriek (and cry) really, really loud if she wants to!

She is still attempting to roll over and has managed it a couple of times now – but not consistently. Her sleeping pattern is a little weird – some days she will have lots of sleep, other days barely any at all. She’s got such a cheeky personality now and it is brilliant to see her interacting with my family and friends and enjoying spending time with them.

I can’t believe she is now six months – she’s half a year old, how did that happen?

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