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Last year I wrote my 2017 goals and just yesterday shared a recap. Now is the time to write my 2018 goals – so what do I have planned? I’ve already touched on my fitness goals and business aims for 2018 so won’t go into those in too much detail in this post. So what do I plan on achieving in 2018? Plenty are the same or similar to last year…


  • Relaunch Keene On Saving – I really need to get onto this.
  • Work on the UK Bloggers site with Sarah and Rachel and see what we can achieve with this.
  • Guest post or do interviews with 5-10 blogs – I really want to get back to this.
  • Stick to my prices – I sometimes find myself not being as resolute about sticking to my guns and I really need to be more strict.
  • Build up my socials – I’m happy with the growth I have made so far but would love to build up my YouTube some more and do more with my Facebook page.
  • Take advantage of the fantastic resources from bloggers out there more often – watch out for a post soon about why you should be utilising the offerings bloggers have from free printables to paid courses. I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers this way.


  • Get some more long term clients – Wouldn’t everyone want to do this?
  • Revamp my work website – I didn’t manage this in 2017 but I want to give it a whole new look.
  • Get more writing jobs on other sites – hopefully I can achieve this after having some success in 2017.
  • Add an As Featured In… section on my blog and my work website – I’ve been lucky to have been featured in some fab places recently so why aren’t I talking about it?


  • Lose the baby weight and get fit – This doesn’t need more of an explanation, does it?


  • Enter more writing competitions – This needs to be taking some precedence in 2018 as I have really struggled to do this in 2017.
  • Complete my GoodReads challenge – I am going to set myself a fairly achievable goal after struggling this year to even read any.


  • Get debt free or as close to debt free as I can – I am going to be working super hard to achieve that this year.
  • Increase my income – I managed to do this so well in 2017, lets hope I can do even better this year.
  • Declutter more and sell more – I want to sell what I no longer want or need (donating some things too, of course) and putting it towards debt.

These are just a few goals to see me through the year – what do you hope to achieve?

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  1. I am always in awe of how much you juggle at one time and I have my fingers crossed that you will be able to get more long term clients and also enter yourself into more writing competitions. Are there any competitions that you would recommend, it is something I have thought of doing myself but I have not entered a writing competition in a long time. I used to do them when I was at Primary and Secondary and won a few competitions but its been a long time! x

  2. You have set some great goals for 2018 especially your work ones:) I too am trying to lose the baby weight only mine are 5 now lol. I have no doubt you will achieve these and more this year. Happy new year lovely x

  3. We have very similar goals especially with debt and trying to improve income! I hope your fitness journey and losing the baby weight makes you feel better, I started mine last summer and it really has given me such confidence. Good luck x

  4. You guys do such good things with the UK bloggers group, you should be proud! Good luck with your goals for this year, I am also working towards getting debt free.

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