Getting Home Inspiration With SEH BAC

This is a paid collaboration with SEH BAC. 

Whilst we are still currently renting, home ownership is getting closer and closer for us. We’ve been discussing the things we want from the house we buy and what, if any, renovations we would make to make it our happy home.

We recently had the chance to visit the SEH BAC showroom, just up the road from us in Chesham. We visited to find out a little more about the business and to get some home inspiration ideas for the future. There were many things to see in the showroom and plenty of different options so you can make your home unique to you.

SEH BAC have been bringing home improvement to the South East for over 45 years. They are a multi award winning company and have 12 showcentres across the South East. They provide a reliable and trustworthy service and have consistently high reviews so it’s easy to see why they have been around so long.

I didn’t realise there was quite so much choice when it came to doors. Every time I thought I’d chosen a favourite one, I found another colour I liked. We went upstairs and found the aluminium doors and I fell in love – I’m definitely considering one when we move and we even enquired about standard prices for them.

Something else we need to consider when we move is windows. We’ve lived in a variety of places since we moved out of our parent’s homes and we have pretty much had every type of window you could possibly have but we both know what we want from our home.

Having the chance to look around the different window types and discuss things with Steve in preparation was great. Steve definitely found some he really wants!

Perhaps the biggest piece of home inspiration we left with – and something I didn’t actually know existed until I visited the showroom – was these integrated window and door blinds. We have a few different blinds around this rented property, had them in our previous property and also had them in the caravan we owned. They drive/drove me insane, especially with young children around and the long cords. I’d have to tie them up to keep them out the way – and I often get so annoyed when someone undoes the kitchen one and it ends up draping in the sink whilst I am washing up!

These integrated window and door blinds are such a fantastic idea and definitely something we will be opting for in a new property. Steve and I were both really intrigued by them and spent ages by them, testing them out and discussing their functionality. They are functional, they are attractive to look at and – perhaps most important of all as a parent – they are safe.

I want to finish off by talking about how great the customisation is. A home is meant to be exactly that – your home – and so it is important it reflects you and your family, nobody else. Being able to choose different things such as colours, the finish of your doors, door handles and window handles gives you the opportunity to make your home completely unique to you which is great. I know I want to be completely happy with my home so being able to customise it to my tastes is a big plus point.

I left the SEH BAC showroom last week, brimming with inspiration and eager to move forward in our home owning journey. We have still got a way to go before we find our perfect house and put the keys in the lock but we are able to start thinking about we want to do and start saving towards the renovations in advance. I can’t wait to make my house a home.

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  1. I think this is somewhere I need to visit. We need to have a new front door owing to a water leak from upstairs and online there is just too many to choose from and you just don’t know what might be right. I think in your case Miss O has made her decisions!

  2. What a fantastic looking show room! I love visiting show rooms when looking for inspiration! It’s so much nicer to physically see the products rather than just looking at images x

  3. All the best for when you do buy your own home, its an exciting time and I really enjoyed being able to plan changes and improvements. Great you already have SEH BAC in mind for when you do. Mich x

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