Get Your Skates on and Get Fit in 2018

The new year is a time when many make resolutions and one of the most popular is to endeavour to get fit. Gym profits take off and sales of protein shakes go through the roof. While running, aerobics and palates may be flavour of the day, they are not everyone’s cup of tea, so something a little more unusual may be what they are looking for. Here we take a look at four ways to keep fit on skates.

Ice Hockey

At the highest level, ice hockey is a physical sport that is fast and furious. Teams of six players pit their wits and skills against each other and the goal is to put the “puck” into the opposing teams net. In the UK, ice hockey is more popular than you would imagine and clubs can be found up and down the country. To play ice hockey, you will need a good pair of skates, protective pads and helmet and of course a hockey stick.

 Terry Matthews

Ice Skating

Perhaps the most graceful of sports, ice skating is fantastic for your core strength and all round fitness. Whether taken seriously, where entering competitions and wearing fancy costumes is what it is all about, or enjoyed as a day out with family and friends, ice skating is terrific fun.

All you need to take part is skates, which can be bought, but novices can borrow a pair, free of charge, when they turn up at the local rink. Oh and don’t forget to wrap up warm.

Inline skating

Those who feel the need for speed may want to explore the world of inline skating. Here skaters wear specially designed rollerblades and use them to race around a track – those with the most strength, skill and speed and who cross the finish line first are the winners.

Inline skating is closely associated with a number of other sports, such as vert skating and freestyle skating – all of which demand the need for protective headgear and pads.

Roller Derby

The somewhat crazy sport of roller derby involves two teams, each comprising of five members and it is a contact sport on roller skates. The object of the sport is simple, the team who lap their opponents the most after completing a predetermined number of laps around a track wins.

Roller derby is not for the faint hearted as players are allowed to block and push opponents and catapult their own players forward to take an advantage.

With so many options to choose from you’d be mad not to get your skates on and get fit in 2018.



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