My 2018 Comping Aims

my 2018 comping aims

Now if you’ve been around here for a while, there is a chance you will know that I absolutely love comping and a competition. I love running them – you only have to check the giveaways category on this blog to see that – and I love entering them too.

I haven’t been entering them as much as I used to – the last few months of 2011 were where I really went crazy for it and the prizes showed it – £400 worth of saucepans that we still use today, a vegetable hamper just in time for Christmas, a curry hamper, £8888 from ITV from one of their web competitions. I’d love to replicate that success again some day.

The comping landscape has certainly changed over the years. I’ll be honest, I stopped entering as much last year because there seemed no point – it seemed like the world and his wife was entering all the competitions I found. However my love for it reignited, I had some fab wins such as an £100 John Lewis voucher and a Amazon Fire tablet and I started falling in love with it all over again.

As the advents came to a close at the end of the tail end of 2017, talk turned in the competition groups of our comping resolutions. I hadn’t really given them much thought but I had a chat with Steve and chose a few things that I would like to achieve over 2018.

Win Things That I Can Donate

I donate a lot to my local food bank and local charity shops already but I’d love to put my comping to good use in this way. I currently only enter for things I or my family and friends need or want but I will now also be entering for more food items so I can add a little extra to my food bank donations and I will be entering for the things that are trends at the moment so that I can donate to the charity shop and they can ride the wave and sell it for a decent price while everyone is looking for them – could you imagine donating something like a Luvabella or Fingerling to your local charity shop? They’re sought after items that people are prepared to pay a decent whack for – and the charity would benefit.  I would like to be able to add both an extra donation for the food bank and the charity shop each month.

Win Stuff For Presents

I don’t remember a year where Jack’s birthday or Christmas presents haven’t featured a win of mine or been partly paid for by a win of a voucher or something. I’d like to continue this in 2018 – winning items for the kids for their presents but also for friends and family. I like to make my friend up a beauty hamper for her birthday so I’d love to win her some beauty products for it. Steve and his brother and dad love golf so I’d love to win them some golfing stuff for their presents and Steve’s mum loves handbags so I am always entering competitions for new handbags for her. Hopefully I can pretty much finance 2018’s presents through comping.

my 2018 comping aims

Try Something New

I am fed up of doing the same kind of competitions day in, day out. I would love to try something new so I’m going to give creative competitions a try and perhaps more postal entries. It is far too easy to get sucked in to entering the competitions on social media but these are where everyone is entering – I stand much more of a shot trying my hand at something else

Pay Off More Debt

My final comping aim of 2018 is to get it to help me pay off more debt. I will be entering all the cash comps I see – I know these can be high entry so they may not be that easy to win but I may as well give it a try. If I win vouchers for the supermarket, I will use them for my food shop and use the money I would have spent on debt. Finally, if I get a win that I wasn’t expecting and that I didn’t enter for (we all know the ones – the runners up prize you didn’t know about that you’ve already got three of or that isn’t your size or colour?). Well those I will put up on Facebook Marketplace and my local selling page and use the money to pay down a little more debt. Every little helps after all.

Have you got any comping aims for 2018?

19 thoughts on “My 2018 Comping Aims

  1. I haven’t thought about comping for a while, I haven’t entered anything for ages! From the wins you have had it seems as though it would be really worth it! Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Good luck with winning! I remember when I was getting bored on a school holiday and started to take part in web competitions. I won so many things that summer and made a lot of money selling the prizes. It was a good year 🙂

  3. I love winning competitions on twitter but I had no idea so much went into comping. I think it’s a great idea to donate to charity and clear debt with your winnings 🙂 x

  4. A lot of friends of mine are in the comping community I hear it’s a really tough place to be at times! Good luck with winning more things this year. I’m sure that luck is on your side!

  5. Good luck! I think it would be great to win something I could use for birthday gifts or Christmas. Creative competitions sound like fun and lower entry so that sounds like a really good idea.

  6. I love comping too – in fact, before blogging it was my main hobby. I recently resubscribed to Compers News which is my favourite but it’s finding the time to combine blogging and comping that’s the challenge. I did win tickets to the panto in Cardiff in December though which was fab.

  7. We’re not massive compers and only go for the big prizes but been fairly lucky and won a treehouse stay and £400 so far. Fingers crossed our luck will continue in 2018. Good luck with your aims this year x

  8. I have heard about people who do comping for an extra source of income, but never actually really thought it was possible! I haven’t really won anything decent in a competition before, but I’m wishing you lots of luck for every one you enter this year hun x

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