Find The Right Flight For You With EscEscape From CheapFlights


Released on the 25th of April 2017, EscEscape is a brand new browser extension tool available from Cheapflights to find cheap getaways with just two taps on your keyboard.

Launched in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the tool is free to install and is available on Google Chrome with a version for Safari users planned shortly. The EscEscape tool lets Chrome users tap their keyboard ‘Esc’ key twice and  a live flight search will run to find the cheapest, quickest and smartest return flights to nearby destinations.

These results are pulled from the  Cheapflights’ own search engine API and the users’ nearest airport is detected as their departure airport. These results open in a new browser tab and will be the cheapest option for a weekend break in the next eight weeks. Customers can then choose to book if it is what they fancy or they can tap the Esc button twice again and another option will come up.

Now I don’t get to go on short breaks, especially abroad, that often. However sometimes when it does come to our short breaks, they are quite impromptu and it can be hard to find travel that quickly that fits into our budget. This tool is so handy as it means we can see what we can afford in the next two months and make a booking if we want to – if it isn’t what we are looking for, we can always hit the button again for another option.

I can see this tool being so handy for freelancers and business people who have to travel often for work. Whilst I haven’t made many flights for work and when I have these have usually been compensated, sometimes travel has to be paid for by ourselves and having such a tool at our disposal will be so handy. I know one of my travel blogger friends is always flying off somewhere new, usually funding the flights herself to review accommodation somewhere abroad. I’m sure this tool will be incredibly handy for her and her husband as they often need to go fly at the drop of a hat.

Once we’ve completely wiped our debt, I want to save up for and book a holiday – I’ll definitely be using this tool in order to save money on our flights – it can get expensive with four of us!

Is this a tool you’d use? Is travel something you like to save money on? If so, this could be the tool for you!

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