Be a Cute Couple: Perfecting Your Look In Time For Summer

Are you and your partner jetting off to sunnier climes this summer? Chances are, you’ll want to be looking your best for when you do. No one wants to look back on their holiday photos and cringe or feel self-conscious while they’re away. Thankfully, a little prep now will have you both looking your best. That way you can go ahead and completely enjoy yourself without stress or inhibitions! Here are a few ways you can get you and your partner into ship shape.

Hit The Gym or Workout

As the saying goes, ‘couples who train together, stay together.’ Hitting the gym with your love is always worthwhile, it’s something you can do together and help keep each other motivated. Exercise is a fantastic mood booster and will be sure to increase your confidence in your holiday clothes. It doesn’t take long to make a difference, even if your holiday is in four weeks time you can change your shape and fitness levels in this time if you work hard. Of course, eating healthily will speed up your results and have you feeling your best too.


Get a New Hairdo

The week before jetting off, make sure you both visit a hairdresser. He will be feeling fresh and look sharp, and you’ll leave feeling pretty and feminine. With the warmer weather on the way, why not consider some sunkissed highlights? Even having the ends trimmed will make it feel much healthier, and a new style for you both is another great confidence boost in time for your trip away.

Visit The Salon

There are plenty of treatments both you and your other half could benefit from at a salon. You could both have your eyebrows threaded (if he has a mono brow, this is sure to make a big difference!) you could have facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. If your guy works a job that’s tough on his hands, having them cleaned up and refreshed can make all the difference. You could book in for a wax to prevent you needing to shave every few days while you’re away. Speaking of shaving, investing in some good razors for him is a smart move if he wants to look clean and fresh during the trip. If you’re fed up constantly buying shaving stuff, you could look into a razor subscription. Every month you get new razors delivered to your door so is completely hassle free.

Buy New Clothes

Buying holiday clothes is always an exciting treat. If you choose well, these are things that can be worn throughout the rest of the summer when you’re home too. You could check out mens fashion blogs, magazines, and Pinterest to see what’s in style if your guy needs a helping hand. Take his body shape into consideration and choose flattering pieces. For you, summer dresses are always a good staple. They can be worn in summer with sandals, and even transition through to autumn with some tights, boots and a jacket.


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