Festive Food

I thought that instead of posting up a picture of my presents (which would be very short, since everyone bought for Jack luckily!), I would post a picture of the yummy food I enjoyed on Christmas Day. Steve did a great job of making his first Christmas dinner, and he’s definitely the chef in the family!
Gammon, roast spuds, roast parsnips, peas, yorkshire puddings, ham gravy and of course, the obligatory alcoholic beverage 😉
Yummy banana crumble (served with Walls vanilla ice cream…mmm!) – going to post a recipe up very soon!
Cheese, crackers and Dairylea… Christmas tea 🙂
What Christmas munch did you indulge in?
I would have taken a picture of the Celebrations, but I scoffed the majority of them!

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  1. The banana crumble sounds pretty spectacular, definitely interested in a recipe! I love Christmas dinner so much I ate two, and would probably eat 2 every day of my life if I could!!x

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