Enjoying An Easter Picnic With Holy Moly Guacamole

We were sent some products for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We love a picnic in the sunshine and we have been so lucky to have some amazing sunshine in the lead up to Easter and over the Easter weekend. We love getting out and about in the sunshine and occasionally enjoying a picnic – how about you?

We recently headed out for a little picnic on our local common and took along some Holy Guacamole we were sent, some Dorito chips to dip in them and some sandwiches and drinks. This was Jack’s first time trying guacamole so I was intrigued to see what he’d think.
The guacamole can be served with bread or veggie sticks but I don’t know about you but I love using guacamole as a delicious dip and using tortilla chips such as Doritos to enjoy. The pots are super convenient for taking out and about on a picnic and are easy to store.

Holy Moly are a British brand who are revolutionising the dip offerings in the UK with their range of delicious, all-natural and ready to eat guacamoles that taste just like they would if they were homemade. Most standard supermarket bought dips are full of additives and dairy fillers to bulk them out but I am happy to say the range from Holy Moly is completely vegan, preservative free and the company prides themselves on using only healthy, honestly sourced ingredients.

No picnic or summer spread is complete without some guacamole. What did Jack think upon his first taste? As you can see, he gave it a massive thumbs up, he really enjoyed it and is desperate for me to get some more. I’m happy to get it too – I really enjoy guacamole but as Steve doesn’t eat it, I very rarely buy it. Now that I know Jack – and Olivia too! – enjoy it, I’m definitely going to make sure I always have some in the fridge with some veggie sticks for some healthy snacking.

If you are looking for a versatile and convenient product to take out on your picnic then Holy Moly Guacamole definitely has to be on your list. Not only is it super tasty but it isn’t pumped full of additives or fillers and is great for a healthy snack with some veggie sticks. I’m so happy to find a healthy snack apart from fruit that the kids enjoy!

Do you like guacamole? What do you like to serve/eat it with?

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  1. Holy Guacamole!

    It looks like Jack is really enjoying tucking into this and most definitely sounds like it is perfect for a picnic addition, great time with the weather and holiday as well.

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