The Documents You Need To Sell Your Car Quickly

You can find many companies online that offer to purchase vehicles for cash easily and quickly. Many people find these types of websites a simple way to sell their car, especially when they will be looking to purchase a new one. You can get a quote by simply filling in an online form, which usually consists of asking for;

  • The Year, Make, Model and Engine size of the vehicle.


Once you enter your details, you can arrange a time and place for a representative of the company to come and inspect your car, making you an offer on the spot. As long as you have all of the correct paperwork, you can make the transaction and have the cash transferred to your bank account.


Vehicle Registration

You will need to make sure that you have the vehicle registration for your car; and if this is something that needs renewing, you can find more information on the local government website. Buying an unregistered vehicle can be fraught with dangers, so your best option if you do not have this is a private sale.

Service History

To maximise any offer that you may receive when you get a car valuation by Sell My Car, you should make sure that you have the full-service history of your vehicle. Being able to show all of the work that has been carried out, including servicing and repairing any damage, will give the buyer a better idea of what they are buying. As they can see the full history of the car, they will be more likely to pay more for the vehicle than if no service history was available.



A lot of companies will have a points system with identification, and you will have to show documents that add up to their specified amount. An example of how this is done can be seen below where the required target is 100 points;

  • Passport = 70 Points
  • Current Driver’s License = 40 Points
  • Medicare Card = 25 Points
  • Utility Bill = 25 Points
  • Bank Statement = 25 Points
  • Car Registration = 25 Points

Any combination of the above documents can be used to equal the value of 100 points or more. Most companies will accept the same types of documents and have similar point schemes that you will need to adhere to.


Finance Documents

If your car is still under finance then you will also need to show supporting documents from your finance company to show how much has been paid, as well as how much is left to pay on the vehicle.

Bank Details

One of the most important things you will also need is to bring your bank details to the inspection. Without these details, you will not be able to get paid.

Selling your car online has never been easier, and you can cash in on your vehicle with just a few clicks of your mouse. So if you have a vehicle that you need to sell, look online and get a free valuation of your car and an on the spot offer to buy it!


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