Degustabox | December

We were sent the box for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

It’s time again to talk about our Degustabox – a subscription box, delivered monthly, with 10 to 15 surprise products, many which are new to the market. The box costs just £12.99, including delivery, and it normally works out as great value for money with the contents usually totalling wel over £20. Find out more about the box and how to order here.

So what did we get in the December box?

I was interested to see some brands we hadn’t ever seen before and was a little disappointed to see some yet again, I must admit.

Maggi Fusion Noodle Pots (Chow Mein/Spiced Curry/Sweet Chilli0 – £1.15

We have had Maggi before in the Degustabox boxes but it hasn’t been for a while now and I am always happy to see Maggi products included. I tend to try to be as healthy as possible with my breakfasts and dinners but I am always looking for something quick, easy and tasty for lunches, especially if working to deadlines or having an especially busy day, working from home. These are ready in just four minutes and are packed full of delicious flavour.

Funkin Cocktails Funkin Passion Fruit Martini Shaker – £4

I actually just recently enjoyed this on Christmas Eve – we had some friends round and added some vodka. I found it absolutely delicious and think it is great value. I’ll definitely be trying out the other flavours in the range.

Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade – £1.80

This was the product I was a little disappointed with – we’ve had Jack Daniel’s products included for so many months now. My brother in law drank these at Christmas time – I’m thankful for this as they would have sat in my fridge for ages unfortunately.

Nestle Shredded Wheat Breakfast On The Go – £1.99

I am quite liking these on the go breakfasts being included in the box. Whilst I am not a Shredded Wheat fan myself, I know that these will be great for Steve one morning.

Delverde Spaghetti – £1.99

Spaghetti or pasta is always going to be a good addition to the box for me – we eat a lot of it. Delverde is a new brand to me and they make their pasta with the best durum wheat and the water from the Verde river.  I was very happy to see this included.

Green & Black’s Blueberry Velvet Fruit and Orange Velvet Fruit – £3.29 each

Now I am not usually a dark chocolate fan but I have to admit there is something about Green & Black’s that I really do love. These were delicious – all of us quite liked them (especially Olivia!) and felt super indulgent. In regards to the price, these wouldn’t be a regular buy for me but rather an occasional treat.

Slush Puppy Sour Cherry – 1.29

This is the product of the month and the product Jack and Steve were both super excited about. We love Slush Puppies and to be able to have them in our own home is fantastic! They are available in sour cherry, blue raspberry and strawberry. You simply need to freeze, squeeze and drink and they are only 95 calories apiece. They are now also available in multipacks of 3 for £3 in Tesco stores.

Real Good Tomato Ketchup No Added Sugar 78% less salt

We go through a LOT of ketchup in our house so this was always going to be a good addition for us.

Nature’s Store Salted Caramel Popcorn Bar – 89p

Salted caramel is one of my favourite flavours and this new popcorn bar combines popcorn, seeds, dates and gluten free oats with no added sugar Belgian chocolate. They’re less than 150 calories per bar and this was tasty!

Sleep Well Chocolate Milk – £1.25

Jack really enjoyed this – it is a new, natural milk drink that helps you to relax and get a better nights sleep. Jack certainly seemed to! I tasted it and it seemed just like a very chocolatey milkshake. It is a long life drink made whole jersey milk, honey and valerian – delicious.

The content value works out at around £24 which is just under double the price of the box – great value, I’d say!

Have you ever tried a food subscription box like the Degustabox?

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  1. The items in your degustabox looks really like my kind of thing especially the Maggi spicy noodles and the Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade, but its unfortunate when they keep sending you the same items. Hopefully you will receive better items next month

  2. The Funkin Cocktails Funkin Passion Fruit shaker sounds so nice. I love pre mixed cocktail stuff as it’s so easy to just pop a spirit in and you have your cocktail, I have something similar for new year x

  3. It’s a shame that you got products that you’ve had before as I would rather try new ones every time. The sheddies on the go would be perfect for me to take to work in the morning though.

  4. The items in this book look like a good mix of items, I have always wanted to sign up to something like this to get the family trying things so maybe when our financial status is better. Its a shame you got some brands that you have tried before though.

  5. The items in this book look like a good mix of items, I have always wanted to sign up to something like this to get the family trying things so maybe when our financial status is better. Its a shame you got some brands that you have tried before though..

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