Celebrating Christmas Eve With L.O.L Surprise

We were sent this box to help in creating this post.

Are you excited for Christmas? The kids certainly are and were very happy to be sent this fabulous Christmas Eve box from L.O.L Surprise.

The box came with two Christmas cards, two of their fantastic surprises to unbox and a onesie in Olivia’s size – she loves it and doesn’t want to get out of it!

The kids happily wrote their cards out (Olivia with Jack’s help, of course) and then couldn’t wait to get unboxing their surprises!

First up was the L.O.L Surprise Pets. As always, this comes with the surprise figure and a number of different items: the special magnifying glass and secret code to decipher, a crown, a pooper scooper type thing as well as the sand to dig into and a water bottle. We ended up with Miss Skunk from the Glam club, Fancy rarity. Isn’t she super cute?

Then we opened the surprise from the Glitter series. We had the figure, the little slip of paper with a riddle shoes, bottle, dress and a tiara. We opened it up to reveal Center Stage who is from the Dance club and is of Fabulous rarity.

This was such a lovely Christmas Eve box for the kids to open and play with – their L.O.L Surprise collections are growing quite nicely; we’ve got quite a few now from every series. You can find out more about L.O.L Surprise and the different series and figures to collect here.

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

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