Current Obsessions.

Hey everyone 🙂
Hows the beginning of the week for you? I have a day off today, as I’ve got to use up all of my holiday before the end of the month -so expect me to be hanging around quite a bit 🙂

I thought I would do a Current Obsessions post today – I haven’t really bought anything new to really merit a haul (although I know I still need to do a post on my 21st birthday haul – but that will take some time hehe – all I seemed to get was makeup, nail polishes or bath stuff!). I have won a few things recently, but I’m waiting to receive the rest of my prizes before I do a post on those too! And I would love to do an outfit post, but unfortunately I’m having to use my Blackberry at the minute until I can afford a new camera, so these shall have to wait!

What are your current obsessions?

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I am actually addicted to this stuff right now! My Nan introduced me to it many years ago, but I only ever used to drink it when I was round her house. However, I saw it in the supermarket a couple of weeks back, and HAD to have it. It is definitely an acquired taste, S cannot stand it, but I think its absolutely yummy! You can drink it hot or cold, but as the weather seems to be heating up right now, I’m enjoying mine ice cold!

I don’t know whether I can call this a current obsession or not – I suppose it is, because I’m currently obsessed with it – but I’m ALWAYS obsessed with it 🙂 I first smelt this in one of my magazines – you know the little peel-off stickers they have? I smelt it and decided from that day forward, I would have it! It took me a couple of years before I actually had money of my own and could justify buying it – but I’m never without a bottle now! I currently have about two or three bottles waiting to be used, because everyone knows how much I love it and always buy me it! I was wearing it the other night, and my former boss smelt it and instantly knew what it was – we haven’t worked together in two years, but he still remembers what perfume I wear! 🙂

I received this book for Christmas, and although I’m not reading it from cover to cover, every now and then I’ll dip in and read a couple of pages which make me roar with laughter. Its all about little notes that flatmates leave for each other – some are funny, some are sad, some are angry and some are just grim! It gives a hilarious insight into the secret life of flatsharing!

Finally, blogging! I’ve been really feeling it this week, and I’m grateful to my readers for actually taking the time to read my blog! I’m still very protective of this, so not many people in my day to day life have actually seen this blog – so comments from other bloggers mean a lot. This week, I have received some amazing comments from some of you, I have also gained some new followers and a few more entries into my giveaway! It means so much to have people actually taking the time to read what I write, so thank you.

What have you got planned for the rest of the week? Mines pretty boring -work, housework, training for work, more housework….
But how about you?

For now,


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  1. Bex, thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I love this post! I'm another Kenzo fan and was introduced to the scent by a friend – it somehow reminds me of sweets and talcum powder without being overpowering or sickly – total winner 🙂

    I'm a tea fiend so have popped the lemon tea onto the ever growing list of tipples to buy and try!

    Jem @ Beautiful Clutter. xXx

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