Weigh In | Week 2

You are probably thinking wow, her week 2 is a long time from her week 1 and you’d be right. We headed off on our trip away quite happily and I was all ready to update you on the Friday with how I got on after lots of great tasting but not necessarily good for me food and a ton of walking.

Unfortunately my body had other ideas. We had to cut our trip short on the Tuesday as Steve was feeling so unwell (we were coming home on the Tuesday but we were going to head into Bath and explore there before coming home – that didn’t happen) and then one by one, we all fell victim to whatever this bug was. Jack managed to recover quickly and was okay to be back at school on the Monday afterwards but Steve, Olivia and I just couldn’t shake it off and I only just managed to start feeling normal again around Wednesday last week.

With my friends birthday meal and a few other things going on, my food choices haven’t exactly been the best. I didn’t have much appetite, if any appetite at all, when I was ill and when I was hungry, I just wanted good tasting stodge – not necessarily the best thing for me. With that in mind, I stepped on the scales this morning having got back on the diet and was pleased to see that I had in fact lost 1lb, in fact just under 1.5lb.

I’m pleased with this because even though my food habits haven’t been the greatest because I just wasn’t up to making delicious healthy dinners (I spent a lot of time in bed sleeping!), I have been walking a lot more and I think it definitely shows.

I can’t wait to get back on track properly this week and see what results I can achieve. Wish me luck!


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  1. You are doing awesome, you have to allow yourself those bad times and know that is OK and not beat yourself up about them, dieting is hard and you need to give yourself allowances for that.

  2. That is very good to hear that you still lost a few pounds even though you ate those heavy meals on that week. You inspire me to walk more and get back on track too. Good luck to us!

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