Prague Stag Do: Everything You Need To Know!

Well one of the top-rated destinations, Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, makes sure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose it as a destination for a stag do. This place is famous for its legendary stag dos.

If you have already finalised your stag do destination as Prague then, you must read on, as this article provides you with all the required knowledge for your Prague stag do!

Stag-friendly Hotels – It is not always easy to find such hotels that are very welcoming to guests such as a ten or twenty member stag party! However, these following hotels have been recommended and proven to be stag friendly over time. They are also not very far away from the New Town area!

The Grand Majestic Plaza – This hotel is located at a distance of a five-minute walk from Old Town and Wenceslas Square, along with many clubs in the vicinity!

Amarilis – Two blocks from away from the Wenceslas Square and seven minutes to the Old Town. Irish Bar Rocky O’Reilly is on the same street. One block away from several strip clubs!

Rokoko – Directly on Wenceslas Square, Goldfingers has a strip club opposite to it, and restaurants are a two-minute walk!

Jaromír Kavan

Prague Strip Clubs – Now more and more of the Prague strip clubs are allowing private rooms. Officially, these rooms are for private strip shows and personal entertainment for the stag or stag party. Ve Smeckach (off Wenceslas Square) has the largest concentration of Strip Clubs that are one the very famous in Prague, for a stag do. There are many others by the Wenceslas Square itself. The most famous and most expensive is Goldfingers located under the Ambassador Hotel where you can have the complete lavish experience!

However, the thing here to keep in mind is to always use cash for paying and not to hand out your card to any stranger!

Attitude To A Stag Party Or Large Groups Of Men – The situation here tends to become a bit difficult as there have been instances in Prague where large groups of stags have created havoc. This resulted in many bars banning large groups of stag parties in their places. However, with the improved situation, the ban was lifted within a year, although they still take precautionary measures! But again if you are a large group, then you can try out Harleys Bar in Dlouha and Sports Bars (Tip Games) in Ve Smeckach for a smooth and enjoyable experience!

Night Clubs – The two central nightclubs for tourists and Prague stag groups desiring mainstream music are next to the Charles Bridge. They are called Lavka and Karlovy Lazne. Apart from these two, you have the M1 Lounge which offers a luxurious and upscale environment in which you can enjoy a vast selection of drinks, shots and exclusive high-quality cocktails prepared by their friendly bar staff. Also in the main list is the KU Bar & Lounge, which is based on the retro theme and houses the most amazing parties in Prague! 

Places To Go To Get Cheap Food And Drinks – On the side roads of Wenceslas Square, on the right, as you go upwards, you will find Rocky O’Reillys in Stepanska area. In Ve Smeckach you’ll find some strip clubs and three sports bars. Around the Old Town Square, you’ll have Caffrey’s Irish Bar. A little walk away from the Old Town Square you have James Joyce Bar in Kozi and The Dubliner (in the Tyn courtyard). Follow Me, and Harleys Bar are in the Dlouha area. Joe’s Bar in Malostranska will allow a group of up to ten stags easily. Enjoy some of the best Irish drink and cuisine here! All these places are not very heavy on your pockets as well!

Now just plan it out thoroughly and make sure to be safe as well. Happy stag times to you and your best buddy!

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My Favourite Holiday Moment

Do you have a favourite holiday moment? Why is it your favourite? I have been on many holidays now, both in the UK and abroad, and whilst I have plenty of amazing memories, I definitely have a favourite memory overall.

Back in September 2012 when Jack was 9 months old, we headed to Rome, Italy for the holiday of a lifetime – and little did I know my life would change from that holiday forward too. It was about three days into the holiday – we went away for four days – and Steve kept looking for little restaurants that were tiny, personal and romantic but shockingly (in Rome!), we could not find one that suited us– or rather, he could not find the perfect one.

The main restaurant in our hotel was situated in a courtyard with some parasols over the table. We’d had lunch there when we first arrived and had some evening meals there once or twice – it was so nice being able to sit in the cool night air by candlelight without having to leave the hotel. It was certainly something special.

I decided I wanted to start packing before going for our meal as it was our final night despite the fact we didn’t leave until 6pm local time the next day. Steve seemed to be getting very frustrated with me and kept telling me to get ready.

He finally managed to get me and Jack downstairs and ordered our meals – Steve had a boring tomato and cheese pasta whilst I opted for something a little different, a gnocchi with sea bass. Steve asked the waiter for suggestions for a bottle of wine and bought a bottle that he suggested. Jack was whinging and tired but wouldn’t go to sleep despite everything we tried! My meal was amazing – and I was stuffed. Steve asked if I wanted a dessert and I wasn’t going to but I saw that the dessert I’d chosen on the first night and decided I’d have that.

Nicola, our waiter, brought our desserts out with some silver lids on them. I was sorting Jack out so found it odd that he didn’t remove them and leave. I sat back down, he removed them then kept asking strange questions. I didn’t realise he was trying to get me to turn the plate around – Steve literally had to tell me to turn the plate around which is when I saw a pouch sitting there. Me being me, I asked what it was and got my answer by Steve getting down on one knee… I said yes of course. The rest of the night was a blur and I don’t remember too much but have some lovely photo memories of the day.

Whilst I don’t think I’ll ever make as such a special memory as this again, I want to make more memories so I’ve been checking out the Holiday Gems site to find some good deals. Visit the website here to find a cheap holiday you will enjoy.


Ideas for Coping with Bad Weather on Holiday

You’ve booked your holiday to somewhere hot and sunny, looking forward to escaping yet another drizzly British summer and soaking up some rays on an exotic beach or walking through sun-dappled forests. The thing about the weather is there’s no guarantees, and even the best of climates can let you down sometimes. So, what do you do when you look out of your hotel window and see rain sheeting down? Give up and go back to bed, or find something interesting to do that isn’t dependent on the weather?

Planning your holiday.

When you’re organising your holiday, part of the planning process should be an investigation of indoor attractions near your location. Unless you’re in a very remote or isolated spot, you should be able to find a variety of different types of attractions within a commutable distance. You’ll be able to find out about all sorts of places to go by searching online for your destination. Businesses and activities need visitors to survive, so they will be making their presence felt to encourage more people to seek them out. When you’re doing your research, make a list of places that would appeal to all the members of your party, so you are more likely to all have a good time. If you do spot an attraction that might not appeal to everyone but would be a must-see for some, try and find an alternative for the uninterested, who can then go off on a separate excursion. Make a note of the opening times and entry prices for the time of year you’re going, and jot down the directions for finding the place. You could do all this once you are in situ, but it’s easier and wastes less of your holiday time if you sort these details out at home.

What about the kids?

If you’re on holiday with the kids, you’ll need to find somewhere age appropriate for them to go, and you may need to do a bit of juggling to satisfy the whole family. It does depend on the age and interests of your children, so for example if you have a ten-year-old who has a fascination for history, visiting a museum would probably be a great idea. If, however you have three-year-old twins, keeping them entertained for a long period time at such a location could be something of a challenge. A soft play centre could be the answer for you.

What sort of things could you do?

When it comes to ideas for indoor activities, one on your list may be a museum. Museums are bright, busy places with interactive displays, videos, presentations and fascinating objects, as well as gift shops and cafes. Libraries also have exhibitions, story sessions and Internet facilities, and will be full of interesting information about your location and its history. Depending on where your holiday is based, there will be various attractions to visit suiting all group types. Wildlife and sea life centres will inevitably have a number of outdoor exhibits, but they will also have extensive indoor facilities as well. You could try an indoor sport or visit a video arcade. If your trip is based in the Upper East coast of America, you could go for something thrilling like an immersive mystery at the Boston Escape Room, or an indoor activities centre that has rock-climbing and abseiling. Many places have simulators in which you can experience such thrills as flying a fighter jet, driving in a rally, or taking a rocket to the moon, to name but a few.

It all depends on location

Bad weather may, unfortunately, blight your plans if your trip is particularly adventurous. If you are visiting one of the many National Parks, you may be in a remote part of a country, so may have to resort to basing yourself at your accommodation if conditions are too severe to venture outside. If there isn’t anything that appeals within the distance you’re willing to travel, be prepared by taking your own entertainment. This could be books, puzzles, games, scrapbooks, or a pack of cards. It’s worth looking at the particulars for your accommodation, so you know what you’ll need to bring yourself.

Embracing the weather

If you’re an adventurous soul, you might just venture out into the bad weather anyway. There is something immensely appealing and satisfying about getting out in the cold and rain, and then returning home to a warm room and a large mug of hot chocolate. You can take wet weather clothing, so you’re prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you, and you can use the opportunity to explore regardless of the rain, have a snowball fight or play chase on a deserted, rain swept beach. If you are planning to venture out in bad weather, do be sure to listen out for any weather warnings.

You always hope your holiday will be blessed with uninterrupted sunshine, and it can be a big disappointment when the weather seems to be against you. It needn’t be a disaster though, as long as you anticipate having to deal with less than perfect conditions by being prepared for anything. By preparing for the worst, an unexpected shower could turn into a fun filled day with your family. It is the time spent together that matters, regardless of where you are and what you do.


Booking Our Family Holiday & Sorting Out Our Holiday Wardrobe

It may only be February but we are already thinking about where we are going to go on holiday this year – and what stuff we want to take with us.

Jack has got his heart set on going to a holiday park of some description – maybe the one we went to with my parents at the end of 2016, Haven like we did last year or Butlins as he has become obsessed with the idea of going there ever since seeing the advert on the TV! Perhaps we might even go back to the Isle of Wight and spend time with my aunt who lives over there!

Perhaps we might even go abroad – there are plenty of places overseas that we would love to visit and then we also have Steve’s sister living in Tenerife – it would be lovely to go and visit her at some point – Jack adores her so he wouldn’t complain!

This has got me thinking about holiday wardrobes however. I’ve not really got much holiday wear in my possession – especially since I have lost a little weight since last year. I need some nice new items – especially items for the beach as we will certainly be there most days, it is a great place for families.

I’ve been looking at the kaftans and cover ups available at David Nieper – something I didn’t really consider last year when on holiday in the middle of summer – and I thoroughly regretted it. These are so good for when you’ve been on the beach in your bikini or swimming costume and need to cover yourself back up without having to struggle to take the swimsuit off or try and put clothes over the top and boiling thanks to the hot temperatures. The soft towelling cover up as pictured above would have been perfect last year for me.

I want to pack soft, breathable items and David Nieper’s kaftans and cover ups really fit the bill. Whilst we haven’t yet booked anywhere for our holiday, I may just have to purchase a couple of them in anticipation of hitting the beach. Even if I don’t go into the sea or swimming pool myself, I may want to sit on the sand or by the pool under some shade – these would be perfect for that.

Do you wear kaftans or cover ups to the beach? Are they one of your holiday essentials?


Why I Would Love To Go Travelling In Asia

I don’t really have regrets but do you ever wish you’d done something now that you had the opportunity to do but that has long passed you by?

I once had the opportunity to go travelling in Asia, it was a school trip and my friends and I were all keen on going. We were told long in advance about it so we could save up for it and I was all for it – but eventually nerves got to me – nerves about being away from my family for so long, nerves about not managing to make the money in time from my weekend jobs. Eventually I pulled out, as did most of my friends. Only one friend ended up going on the trip.

In the years since then, many people I know have gone travelling – and one continent in particular seems popular with them. Asia, specifically South East Asia. There are plenty of countries in South East Asia that they have travelled to and one such country is Malaysia which is one of the countries I would absolutely love to visit.

Photo Credit – Wander With Jo

A blogger I know has talked about Malaysia at length too and has mentioned some great places to stay – the Genting Highlands hotel resort. Genting Highlands is an integrated resort with hotels, casinos, and a theme park atop Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang, at 1,740 metres altitude. The resort has a very cool temperature because of its position, ranging from 15-25 degrees celcius. The views are incredible and I can see myself staying here – I want somewhere that has all the amenities and has the sights-  Genting Highlands hotels certainly have that!

The first hotel Highland Hotel was opened in 1971 and was granted the only casino license in the country the same year. The famous Genting Skyway cable car was built in 1997 and has the reputation for being the “World’s Fastest Mono Cable Car System”. I feel that if I was to visit Malaysia, I’d have to go to the Genting Highlands, don’t you?

Photo Credit: Wander With Jo
It is said to be fairly easy booking hotel online so I’ll definitely be checking out the various hotels at the Genting Highlands Resort – there are plenty to choose from and so many have almost top marks on the star rating system which is fantastic- not often you see that for a resort, there is usually one really great place to stay and other mediocre ones but Genting Highlands is not like them – there are so many popular, well liked places to stay.

So why would I love to go travelling in Asia?

I’ve never ventured out of Europe

I’d love to spread my wings a little more. I’ve only been abroad twice, to Italy and to France – and I’d love to see what else the world has to offer. The views the countries in Asia have to offer me are absolutely incredible and I’d love to get involved in the cultures and see the sights.

The beauty

I’ve already touched on it slightly in my previous point but Asia is an absolutely beautiful continent – who wouldn’t want to see it upfront and personal for themselves? It’s all well and good seeing it on a TV or computer screen but nothing would beat seeing it in person, right?

You’ll never be bored

There is so many countries to visit, so much to see and do. Why wouldn’t anyone want to visit Asia, especially South East Asia, when there is so much on offer? World famous sights to see, incredible views, great accommodation, fantastic entertainment. There will always be something for you to see or do – something new to experience.

Is there a particular place you’d love to visit one day – that you may have once had the opportunity to visit but didn’t take up? Or is there something you had the opportunity to do in the past and wish you had done now? Let me know – I hope I’m not the only who looks back and thinks they should have done certain things – hindsight, eh?

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