How To Make Your Doorway A Real Focal Entry Point To Your Home

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I don’t know about you but the first thing I notice about a house is the front door and the entry way. I think the front door speaks a lot about a home and the people that live within. I remember visiting Steve’s grandfather’s home for the first time, not long after we first started dating, and I adored the way his front door and the entry way looked. I assumed this style would follow through into the rest of the house and I wasn’t wrong, it was absolutely beautiful.

I believe that a front door should be a real focal point. People may say they don’t judge based on first impressions but that would be a lie – we all do it, there is no point denying it. We may came to change our opinion but we all make a snap judgement from those things we see first, don’t you agree? I often find myself taking a look at house front doors when walking or driving past a row of houses – picking out my favourites and deciding the ones I like the least.

But why would you want to make your doorway such a focal point? Simple – it is all about the kerb appeal. As I mentioned, I walk or drive past and make an immediate judgement on the look of a house, especially the door. Other people will do the same and kerb appeal is something you definitely want to be aware of, especially if you are considering selling your house in the future.

A good looking entryway that is made using only the best materials will also add extra value to your home so you want to ensure yours looks the best and uses the best materials too.

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So how can you make your exterior doors look amazing and a real focal point for your home? It is important to choose modern front doors that suit your property first of all. It may be tempting to go for the most beautiful front door you’ve seen but if it doesn’t match the surroundings, it isn’t going to look right.

Choosing your entrance doors is, of course, the most important step in making sure your doorway is a focal point of your home. A brand such as Pirnar are a great option – not only do they make luxury, beautiful front doors but they also have a strong family tradition – they were founded in 1968 when the family craftsman workshop was established. Although the company has grown to be a leading European innovator in the field of door entrances, it still holds its family values at heart and is growing quickly with almost 200 employees. I really value a family run business – it may just be me but I often feel more comfortable with them and more valued as a customer – they have the personal touch.

With modern doors that open with one touch and a new range of doors launching soon with face recognition, they are a real innovative brand and definitely worth checking out for any exterior doors you may want fitting.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect door, it is time to consider how to ensure your doorway always looks amazing. Here are a few tips that you may want to try:

Think about accessories

You may not think that there are many accessories you can use to decorate your entryway to make it more appealing but there are plenty of ways you can do so. There are a variety of beautiful wreaths – especially at certain times of year – that will ensure your door gets plenty of attention. You could even change the doorbell, the door knocker or the letterbox to make your doorway completely unique to you.

There are also other things to consider, accessory wise. Wall hangings or planters situated around the steps or pathway to your front door are easy to change as and when, especially when the seasons change.

Consider the rest of the road

Whilst it may be tempting to make your doorway completely unique, something to consider is the doorways of the other houses in your road or street. With a decent front door adding extra value and kerb appeal to your house, you want to ensure that your decoration of your door adds value and doesn’t decrease. Don’t go too overboard, simple is better than over the top. You want your entryway to be unique but you also don’t want to stick out in your road like a sore thumb.

Keep it clean

Perhaps an obvious statement to make but doors can get grubby very quickly. With family members often opening and closing the door and the postal worker often delivering mail, there will be smears and marks around the letterbox and doorknob. Make sure to clean them regularly to ensure your door always looks incredible.

How do you make your doorway a focal point of your house? I’d love to know how you decorate yours.

How You Can Support Your Friends When They Are Moving House

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If you’ve ever moved house, you will know exactly how stressful it can be. Trying to book the time off work or schedule moving around your days off, wondering whether to hire movers or hire a van and do it yourself. There is so much to think about. Quite a few of my friends have moved house recently so I thought I’d share some tips with you today – how to support your friends when they are moving house.

Help Them With Food

Whether it’s buying them a takeaway the day they move in or taking them round a home cooked meal, this is a gesture that would certainly be appreciated – as long as they’ve unpacked the plates, that is. I’ve always ended up ordering pizzas the night I’ve moved in – how about you?

Buy Them Something For The House

What better way to show support to someone who has just taken the exciting step of moving house than buying them something for their new home? A lovely homeware gift as well as a card from somewhere like Card Factory is surely a gift that would truly be appreciated. I’ve received candles and photo frames in the past and proudly had them on display. I’d definitely do the same next time we move too.

Scott Webb

Ask Them If They Need Any Help

Sometimes your friends will need help but will be too shy to ask for it. You asking them means they may be more likely to be open about what they need. Do they have kids and need help picking them up from school? Do they need to you to nip to the shop and get home essentials such as toilet rolls because they’ve completely forgotten? It may be so simple but running these little errands for them will be ever so helpful.

Help Them In The Weeks After

A lot of my friends have moved house recently – such as Rhian – and each had a list of things they must remember to do before moving and things to remember after they’ve moved in. Moving house is stressful and even after a few weeks, not everything will be sorted. Can they not get a broadband engineer for a couple of weeks? Let them come round and use your Wi-Fi or let them tether from your phone. Little things like this would be something I’d really appreciate. We’ve already decided that we are going to run one month alongside in our properties – 1) so we can take our time to move across and 2) to ensure that I don’t end up being without internet for days on end (as I need it for my job!).

What little gestures from your friends when you’ve moved house did you really appreciate?

House Hunting The Parental Way

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Any house hunter is sure to have a pretty long list of requirements about what they’d like to see in a potential property. Most of us only even agree to view a house if it ticks enough of our boxes to satisfy. Typically, lists like these include things such as outside space, off-street parking, and a set amount of bedrooms. You know; all the standards.

When you’re house hunting with kids in tow, though, your list of requirements may start to look a little different. Obviously, the above pointers will still matter to you, especially that outside space. But, you may also find that you need to take a whole load of other stuff into account as well. That’s not surprising when you consider how much your priorities change when children come into your life.

If you’ve only ever bought a house without kids, then, don’t think you can jump straight back into the buying process. Instead, make sure that you buy a family-friendly home by adding the following essentials to your list.

Room for growth

Even if you aren’t planning to have any more children, the ones you do have are sure to grow at some stage. And, when they do, you need to make sure that your house can accommodate the change. Even if you’re happy to let young kids share a bedroom, this arrangement might not serve once they reach their teen years. Two teen boys in a single bedroom is never going to work. Instead, make sure that your new house at least provides expansion opportunities. Simply check for potential conversions or extensions through companies like That way, you can guarantee that your kiddies will never outgrow that space.

Allen Taylor

What about the community?

A community is, of course, always important when it comes to house hunting. That applies whether you’re single or moving in the whole family. In fact, location is often top of the requirements list for this exact reason. Believe it or not, though, a community is even more critical where kids are concerned. That’s because any parent dreams of an area where their kids can play outside. Far from just checking crime statistics and such, you’ll also want to take a look at what’s going on in the street. Areas with high traffic and no visible kids could be a no-go. By comparison, moving into an estate like those built by pretty much guarantees a communal feel. That way, your kids can safely head out to play with your neighbour’s children anytime it takes their fancy.

Are there schools nearby?

When you don’t have children, living near a school is off-putting if anything. As soon as kids come into your life, though, proximity to a well-reviewed school becomes a real priority. The closer you are, after all, the more convenient the school run looks set to be each day. You may also find that close proximity helps your children focus by encouraging them into various after school activities and study sessions. While focusing your search solely around set schools may be a little limiting, it’s always worth checking if there’s a successful option within walking distance. You should find that there are many houses close to some of the best-rated schools you could imagine. You could even book up to view the school on the same day as you look around the house. Just to be on the safe side!

Is there plenty to keep older kids entertained?

When children are young, most of us can’t imagine anything better than life in the countryside or quiet towns. There are so many benefits to options like these. Countryside living can teach youngsters a lot about nature. It can also ensure they play outside without ever needing to worry about excessive amounts of cars. The trouble is that these benefits don’t often stand the test of time. As much as you would like them to, your kids don’t stay young forever. Before you know it, they’re going to be hitting their teen years. When that happens, the countryside isn’t going to suit. They’ll be bored, restless, and probably resentful about living somewhere like that. Make sure it doesn’t happen by considering teen entertainment from each house. Something as simple as a youth club or a cinema could be all it takes. These are small things which can see your teen getting out rather than staying in and driving you all crazy. Without them, no family home could last as long as you’d like.

Enjoying A Perfect Home Without Lifting A Finger

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Most people want to live in a home which is always at its best. Working hard to make sure that each room is in the best possible condition, this desire often pushes people to work far harder on cleaning than many of the other parts of their life. For those who are lazy and don’t like to do this sort of work, though, achieving the standards which you want can be impossible. Of course, that is, unless you have the right tools. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to take work out of your home, without impacting the way that it looks.


If you’ve been paying attention to home appliances over the last few years, you will have almost certainly heard of home automation before. This field encompasses tools which are able to handle chores on their own, making it a great place to start when you’re looking for ways to be lazy. There are loads of options to get you started, ranging from Roombas, which can vacuum entire rooms for you, to dishwashers, which will be able to clean plates and dispose of waste without ever exposing you to it. While this may sound a little expensive, it’s been getting cheaper and cheaper over the last couple of decades.

Brina Blum

Unfortunately, not every job can be solved with automation, and this means that you’ll have to look at some additional options to push this further. Modern takes on traditional products are popping up all the time, nowadays, often bringing with them benefits which weren’t found on their older counterparts. When it comes to something like your lawn, artificial grass from New Lawn could save you dozens of hours each summer, all while keeping your garden looking fresh. You will also find a lot of replacements for wood on the market, though this protects you against long-term work.

Getting Some Support

When you’re approaching something like housework, it’s always important to keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you live with family members, you will have a great resource available, and you need only convince people to help you out to get started. For those who don’t have this option, a cleaning company will be the next best option. A weekly clean will have a huge impact on the work which you have to do, but won’t cost too much in the process, making it well worth going down this route. It’s always a good dea to read some reviews before getting started with this.

Hopefully, this post will give you everything you need to get started on making your home perfect, without having to spend loads of time on it. Making changes like this can seem like a big step to take, but it will certainly pay off once you have everything done, especially if you used to struggle to get your cleaning sorted in the past. There are almost always ways around doing jobs which you simply don’t like.

Top Tips for a Healthy, Happy Puppy

Having a new puppy at home can be both an overwhelming and exciting experience. But, there’s much more to having a puppy than training him to sit and stay and go to the toilet outside. In addition to making sure that your puppy is happy and well-trained, making sure that he is healthy is also very important. So, what are the most important things that you should be doing to make sure that your puppy grows up to be a healthy, happy dog? We’ve put together a handy checklist.

#1. Get Puppy Insurance:

First things first; it’s important to make sure that your puppy is covered by a pet insurance policy, which will pay out in the event of illness or injury. Vet bills can quickly add up, and since puppies tend to be inquisitive and into everything at a young age, you simply can’t afford to take the risk. Get your puppy checked over by a vet before you get insurance as pre-existing conditions can make it harder to find a provider who will take your pet on. Everypaw, a pet insurance provider, offers a range of dog insurance policy options for pets that may suit your needs.

#2. Keep up to Date with Vaccinations:

Many vets recommend the first set of vaccinations at eight or so weeks, then follow up with one or two boosters in the following weeks. The average puppy is vaccinated against distemper, parvo, hepatitis, and parainfluenza. However, although we all want our new puppies to be protected from infectious diseases, it’s important to be aware of the health risks that vaccines can cause for your dog. Vaccinating once at 16 weeks is an alternative option that several vets are now recommending. If you do this, be careful where you take your puppy until he is sixteen weeks old. He should not be allowed to mingle with other dogs until he’s adequately protected against these diseases.

#3. Get Their Diet Right:

Providing your puppy with a healthy diet from the get-go is important to their current and future health. Bear in mind that it’s not a good idea to change your puppy’s diet suddenly, so if they are already used to a particular brand or type of food, continue with this and gradually change it if you need to. Opt for a high-quality brand of dog food that is designed to support your puppy’s growth and provide them with the nutrition that they need. If you like, you can add pet supplements to further support your puppy’s development.

#4. Protect Against Fleas and Ticks:

Fleas and ticks can be irritating for both yourself and your dog. Failing to protect your puppy against these creepy crawlies can leave him constantly scratching. And you’re not immune, either – fleas or ticks in your home can be difficult to get out and will leave you suffering from irritated, itchy bites too. So, make sure that you are regularly protecting your puppy against fleas and ticks with a high-quality treatment. If you’re unsure which one to use, speak to your vet who will be able to prescribe one that they recommend.

#5. Start Training Early:

When it comes to training, starting as you mean to go on is the best way to ensure that your dog grows up healthy and happy. Toilet training is likely going to be the first thing that you will teach your pup. Puppy training mats can be a great idea but ideally you should get them used to going outside to do their business from as early as possible. Crate training is a great idea to support this as most dogs won’t go to the toilet in their own bed.

#6. Keep Boredom at Bay:

Last but not least, a puppy who’s got plenty of things to play and keep himself occupied with will be a happy dog. Boredom can quickly lead to behavioural issues in puppies which can make it harder to continue training them successfully. Chewing is a particular issue with many young puppies so make sure that you have plenty of chew toys for them to get their teeth into. Your puppy will thank you, and so will your shoes! Once your pup is vaccinated and covered by insurance for dogs, make sure that you are taking them for regular walks to keep them busy and on top of their energy levels. The length of walk will depend on the particular breed of puppy; high-energy dogs such as Huskies and Collies tend to need longer walks from a young age, whilst Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Pugs, for example, can manage well on less exercise.

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