What You Need To Do When Moving House

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I’ve moved house a few times in my life and it has been quite a stressful time. Each time, our finances didn’t allow hiring a removals company to help us as it was cheaper to just use a friends van. We plan on moving at least once more in the UK and hope to eventually move to Canada so will definitely be utilising those movers Toronto has to offer.

Moving house can take a lot out of you so here’s what you need to do:

  • Set up a mail redirect. With so many things requiring addresses nowadays, there is no way you will be able to remember to change everything before you move. You need to set it up in advance of your moving day and 6-12 months is usually sufficient, giving you plenty of time to let those companies know that you have moved.
  • Tell financial companies about the move. This needs to be done straight away so that your insurance covers you for your new house and so your banking is registered to the right place.
  • Take some final meter readings. You want to make sure that you’re only paying for what you owe in the old house and take meter readings in the new house so you don’t end up paying for the previous owner or tenants use.
  • Use up your freezer food. Your freezer is bound to be unplugged for quite a while so to save on throwing it out when you get to your new house, take steps to use it up before then!
  • Start packing long in advance. Sitting down and doing nothing? Pack a box. Take it room by room if you like, leaving only the essentials out like beds, sofas and the appliances you will definitely need. If you use the kettle and toaster everyday, keep them out. If your blender is only used once in a blue moon, pop it away in a box.

  • Get quotes on any work you may need doing in your new house. Whilst most people won’t want to get straight in and start changing things up, it is important to know how much things are going to cost you from the offset. Something a lot of people decide to change in their new houses is the windows, doors or conservatories. Getting quotes from companies such as SEHBAC from Chesham in advance of your move in date means that you can get saving or even get started once you move in.
  • Clean out cupboards as you go. Same as the freezer, use things up. Don’t take up valuable packing space with food items that can be used up.
  • Clear out outside spaces first. It is very unlikely that you are using the stuff in the garage or shed that regularly so why not get them packed away ready for the move?
  • Got kids or pets? Arrange some care for the day. You don’t want the stress of trying to keep an eye on your offspring or your furry friends so see if someone can look after them for you, whether it is a friend or family member or a professional that you hire.
  • Cancel or reschedule deliveries. Do you have a paper delivered or milk? Either cancel or let them know where you are moving to and when you’re moving so they can start delivering again when you are there.

These are just a few things you need to do when you are moving house – I am sure I have probably forgot so many of them! What things do you swear by when moving house? Is there anything in particular that you always do anytime you move?

As I said, we are hoping to move in the near future if finances allow so I will definitely have to take on my own tips. It has been six and a half years since I last moved house so I just know I will have far more stuff than I have ever had before – this is why we are decluttering as much as possible on the way. We seem to own so much stuff and I don’t want to be taking all of this with us when we move – it is just too much! Car boot sales, eBay and Facebook sales are what I am planning on doing – the less we have to move, the better!

If you are moving in the near future, good luck and I hope these tips help you – let me know how you get on!


Updating Our Bedrooms On An Affordable Budget

Updating Our Bedrooms On An Affordable Budget

I’ve made no secret of the fact that we plan to move soon. We currently live in a tiny two bed end of terrace house and still have Olivia in our room. We would put her in Jack’s room if we could but we just don’t have the space – his bedroom is tiny!

We are looking to move into a local three or four bed property and have so much we want to do when moving into somewhere new. We’ve already said we have a lot of stuff we want to update – a lot of our furniture and kitchen appliances have been with us for years and it would be nice to update those. One such thing is beds.

Jack has had the most recent change of bed – we bought him his very own single bed when we found out we were having Olivia as he was still using the toddler bed his cot converted into. With Olivia moving from cot to bed in a few months time (she is already trying to escape constantly from her cot), hoping to have a spare room for people to stay and also potentially adding more to our family, we are in definite need of new beds.

However these can get super expensive, don’t you find? When we first moved in here, we brought our cheap shoddy quality bed from our old house and it broke fairly quickly. We then forked out a lot more for a new bed and whilst it is good quality, I am not prepared to pay that much money again in the future, just for somewhere to lay my head at night. I want to be comfy and cosy but not at a complete premium when there are alternatives on offer.

Rhema Kallianpur

As I will be buying quite a few beds at once, I want them to be cheap but still good quality. People often say the two don’t go hand in hand but I disagree. Companies are realising that sometimes having lower prices works much better in their favour without compromising on quality – they can sell more and make more when lower in price than perhaps their rival can with their products at a premium. It all depends on the customers and their bank balance – and with so many of us now tightening the purse strings, we are more likely to avoid the extortionate and opt for the cheaper option as they’re both exactly the same, quality wise.

With companies such as DivanBedsCentre claiming to be cheap on price but not quality, you’d be a fool to pay extreme prices for something you could get for much less. I am always looking to save money when I am buying things and with so many other things to pay for, I will be aiming to get the most for my money. I think most of us mums are the same, don’t you?

I must admit I am considering getting everyone ottoman storage beds – after living here with such a lack of storage for so long, I am all for decent storage options. If the storage option doubles up as a bed then fabulous – two things for the price of one, don’t you agree?

I actually can’t wait to update my bedroom – although I barely spend any time in there, it is meant to be a haven and I’d love to actually have a bedroom that feels like one. Here’s hoping I get it soon.



Are You Eligible For Help To Buy?

Are You Eligible For Help To Buy?

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With us hopefully going to be buying a house for the first time before the end of next year, there are many things to consider. How much of a deposit we need, what help there is in place, what type of mortgage we want, what type of house we want, the location. There is literally so much to think of that it can be a little overwhelming at times!

Ellison Thomas aim to help with this and have created a handy resource for first time buyers. They have also put together this infographic too that helps you work out whether you are eligible for help to buy.

We have previously tried to purchase a home but it all fell through so we will, in fact, be first time buyers. Back then we weren’t eligible for Help To Buy as we had opened and paid into ISA’s but this time around, we should be so will definitely be seeing what help we can get with the scheme.

The road to buying has been a long and bumpy one but hopefully we will soon be in our very own property, one that we can call our own. With the help to buy scheme, this should make our journey even easier! We are still very low on funds when it comes to a deposit but should hopefully receive some inheritance that will help us. Whilst we are waiting a little while for our credit scores to get a little better and increase our chances of getting a mortgage, we will be moving some into another account so depositing into a Help To Buy ISA makes total sense. I’ll keep you updated on our journey as it continues!

Are you going to be a first time buyer? Are you eligible for the scheme?

I Have House Envy…

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I am not going to lie, I think we get a rough deal when it comes to houses in the UK. Sure, you can get some lovely houses – we’ve got some absolutely beautiful houses in my village with stunning surroundings. But when I look at the houses you see on American and Canadian TV shows and documentaries, I am in awe.

They seem to have much more space and generally tend to look much more visually appealing than the houses we have in the United Kingdom, don’t you think? In the UK, homes average 1063 square feet whereas homes over there tend to average twice that. Many of our houses are terraced or semi detached, many Canadian homes are detached.

Something I also love about Canadian houses is the decking. So many houses seem to have it – I have seen some great examples such as mississauga landscaping. You may wonder why I have been researching Canadian houses – well, emigrating to Canada has been something Steve and I have discussed for years. His grandfather was Canadian and it is somewhere Steve has always wanted to live, even if just for a little while. We’ve been discussing our perfect house and decking is something we definitely want – who wouldn’t want to chill out on their deck whilst watching the kids playing on the front lawn?

We are obviously going to want to get the best for our money and what we could get here in the UK for our budget is totally out done by what we can get over in Canada – even more reason to consider the move over there even more strongly. We struggle to find decent properties over here in our county that suit our needs, that doesn’t seem like it would be as much of a problem in Canada – most properties we look at seem to fit our needs.

Is it wrong to have house envy though? Is it wrong to say that I prefer the way houses look in a different country to where I live? I don’t think it is – surely it is something to aspire to, don’t you think? Do you ever look at houses abroad and wish you could live in one of them, just like me?

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Interior Decor Professional

Homeowners hire interior decor experts for various reasons. Some want to remodel or redecorate their homes, while others just want to transform some specific areas of the house. Since everyone cannot be design-minded or able to afford the time to design their property, hiring the services of an interior design professional is the best choice. With so many options for decor experts flooding the market, it is not surprising for you to get overwhelmed and find it challenging to choose the one that will cater to your needs the best.

If you want to seek the assistance of an interior design professional for your upcoming house project, it is imperative to select a candidate who will offer you all-inclusive services. Needless to say, getting the right person for the right job can draw a line between a painful and a pleasant experience. With that being said, here are some questions that you must ask prior to selecting an interior decor expert:

#1. What is the structure of their business?

Interior decor professionals organize their businesses in different manners. Most of them will work on a room-by-room basis, whereas there are few designers who exclusively handle whole-house projects. When hiring a decor expert, you will want to pick someone who is versatile and flexible enough to take care of your requirements.

Ask to see previous work samples and the latest portfolio and evaluate if the candidate will be able to live up to your expectations. You would want to work with someone with great communication skills, who can comprehend your ideas and needs to deliver the expected result.

#2. How much will they charge you? Are there going to be any additional cost?

Make sure that you get an illustrative idea of what services you are receiving for your money. You might live under the impression that informing the designer about your final budget will include all the redecoration services, but the professional may arrange the project differently. Incidentals such as air conditioners, additional light fittings and so on may not be included. Therefore, it is important to always learn about the itemized costing and then sign the final agreement.

#3. Do their services come with a warranty period?

All authentic interior decorators offer a standard warranty time frame that offers amenities if something breaks or needs fixing. While looking for a design professional, always check your prospect’s warranty period and what area it covers. You might think that it is not an important metric, but an uneven floor and cracked tiles will need an expert’s attention.

#4. Can they provide you with a mockup design?

Almost every professional interior decorator will show you a three-dimensional mock-up of a specific room that needs the most remodeling work. This should provide you with a sign of their commitment and dedication towards your home project. Often the interior decor expert might ask for a minimal fee to display a mock of the interior design incorporated with actual furniture pieces, wall colors, rugs, and etcetera. While this might appear to be a costly decision, it offers you an insight into the entirety of the design before making the final investment.

#5. What if you want to make some changes to the virtual mock up?

It is a true rarity for interior decor professionals to be able to design a “dream property” for their clients right from the onset of the project. For this, the clients might suggest making some changes to the mock up or the design draft. The best way is to establish well-defined communication with your potential design professional and make yourself involved in the design project to ensure that you and your designer are both on the same page.

There is no set of rules that explain the number of changes you should be able to suggest, after all, it is your home. Nevertheless, you must acknowledge your designer’s expertise and do not think of them as magicians who can perform any changes that you want. Also, revise your ideas and styles carefully, as last-minute modifications can lead to more inconvenience to all parties involved in the project.

#6. Is aquarium decoration included in their service package?

Finding the right interior decorator for your house will need some discernment. This involves the designer’s ability to offer you cheaper alternatives to expensive custom designed pieces. Most of the professional designers collaborate with aquarium decorators who can custom make a whole range of artificial plants that will increase the aesthetic value of your home. Moreover, the faux plants have many benefits including low-maintenance cost, realistic and almost natural appearance, as well as, their capability to last long. Apart from that, most property owners are opting for this additional service because they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be relocated easily. Hence, if you are looking for design elements that will compliment your home decor, faux plants are the best go-to option.

#7. When can you move back in?

Renovators have the expertise to provide you with an approximate time period it will take to finish your project. They will calculate the required time for the project based on the previous similar projects they managed and the extent of your interior decoration work. If you are restricted by time and have to enter your house within a particular date, always inform your professional designing right from the beginning of the project so that he or she can work accordingly. Furthermore, you must understand the fact that things can often take a bit longer to proceed due to climatic changes and public holidays that can impact the project period.

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, it is necessary to understand the way an interior decor expert works. Research on the interior designing industry, select some of the profiles and narrow down the list with the help of the questions above. Asking these questions will make sure that you get the best person to manage the interior designing project of your property.