What Are Milennial Renters Looking For In 2018? #MillennialRenting

What Are Milennial Renters Looking For In 2018? #MillennialRenting

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As a milennial who is currently rented and has rented properties for eight years now, I think I know a thing or two about #MillennialRenting and what us tenants are looking for. I’ve had the good, the bad and the frustrating so I think I know what people are looking for when it comes to taking up tenancy in a rented property.

Renting is easily becoming one of the more popular ways to live. Not necessarily because people want to rent but because it is too hard to get on the property ladder. Some just don’t want to settle down and buy a property just yet. With renting becoming so popular, landlords need to know what prospective tenants are looking for – whether that be the downright obvious or something a little more obscure as a request. Millennials currently make up the top renting group so landlords want to knuckle down and ensure they get those tenants.

As a millennial myself, there is plenty I want from a property. I currently live in a two bed property and am looking for a three bed in our area so that Olivia can finally move out of our room and into her own. There are certain things I am looking for that a house has to have for me to even consider opting for it – a decent sized garden that doesn’t require a ton of upkeep (I have friends who’ve rented and been expected to spend every waking moment tending to the garden as the landlord had it a certain way – I just want a grassy area and maybe a flower bed, nothing too fancy!), I would love for a property to allow pets too as Jack is of the age where he is desperate for a pet, bless him. Being close to amenities is a plus – but I live in a village so I’m always close to one of the local shops and being as close to the school as possible is good too – we currently live the other side of the village and Jack only just got into the local school – the only school in the village!

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Whilst these are all things you would expect a landlord to offer or a tenant to request, there are plenty of other things that are appealing to young renters now such as high speed WiFi included, being able to pay rent online and quick and easy maintenance requests.

Using a site like HomeLet is also great. Whether you are a letting agent, tenant or landlord, they are there for you with plenty of advice. They are the UK’s largest tenant referencing and specialist lettings insurance company and have over 25 years’ experience to their name. I could certainly have done with some of their tenant’s insurance in the past and am considering getting some now – even if we aren’t here in this property for very long. I don’t want to say too much as we still live here but we haven’t been happy with the relationship at all – requests unanswered or ignored.

I think that most millennial renters are like me – they want a decent amount of bedrooms, a decent sized garden which doesn’t require too much upkeep, they want to be close to local amenities and they would like the opportunity to have pets in the house if they can. This is what we want and hopefully we can find it. What do you think millennial renters are looking for?

What Things Do You Need To Consider When Moving House?

Moving house can be a strenuous and stressful business with so much that you need to remember and so many things that you need to budget for. Whether you are moving into a rented property or whether you have bought your first house or have sold one house and bought another, the steps you need to consider when moving house remain the same.

Redirect Your Post

You need to redirect your post for the first few months, just in case. You always get the odd bit of post still trying to wing its way to your old address months after you’ve left the property and months after you’ve updated the companies on your new abode. Redirecting your post to your new address will help avoid this. I’ve had to do this a couple of times now but luckily a few of the moves have been from my parents house so I didn’t have to do this those times as they just passed me on my post.

Consider your budget

There are so many things you need to budget for when it comes to moving house like how much do removal companies cost in London or similar areas – you need to make sure you have the funds or else you will end up making multiple car runs trying to move everything in time. Knowing how much of a budget you need, how much time you need to do it in and what you need is so important so you know where you stand and you can hire the right people for the job and get it all arranged. Finalise details in the week leading up to your move so you are not running around on the day.

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Work out a route

You need to work out a route from your old property to your new property for both yourselves and your movers. It may be straightforward or may require some pre planning but knowing how you are going to get from A to B is vital.

Do your final checks

As you come to the last few days in the house before moving, do your final checks. Make sure everything is all packed away, your freezer food has been completely run down, file away important documents and make sure you have began to notify people of your change of address.

Record final details of your utilities

When moving house, you will usually be changing utility providers, at least for the first week or so until you settle down and move to a provider your prefer. When you are leaving your previous house, record the final readings of your utilities such as gas, electric and water so you can arrange for a final bill to be sent to you and the people moving in can start afresh.

I’ve moved house a couple of times now in my life and we are soon hoping to move again as we need a larger property for our family. I need to remember all of the above things when moving as it is inevitable I will probably forget something – I am just that type of person! Having a checklist of things you need to remember when it comes to moving house is vital – that way, all of the important stuff is covered.

Do you have any tips on things you should do when moving house? Is there anything that I have forgotten to add onto my checklist?


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Destressing At Home

They say that home is your haven and I find this to be true. Home is meant to be at a place where you can go and destress. It is the place we go to when we need to reenergise and recharge our batteries. We go there when we need to unwind. But how can we destress at home?

Rattan Direct have a great guide which you can find here. You must have heard of Hygge, the Danish concept. It is all about being warm and cosy. So how can we make ourselves feel better?

Get in some home treats and make it into a ritual. Perhaps run a bath with a bath bomb fizzing away, light some gorgeously scented candles, pour yourself a nice cold glass of wine and chat to a good friend. All these things can help us to relax that little bit more.

Make sure you have comfy furniture. You will find it incredibly hard to relax if your living room furniture is tough to sit on or your bed and mattress are rock hard. You want to be able to sink down into them and really chill out so make sure you have only the comfiest furniture in your house.

Keep your home neutral – they say that patterns can give us a headache so if you want to keep your home a stress free zone, try to avoid them and keep things as neutral as possible – let in as much light as you can, natural light is so important. Also clear up your clutter – having clutter lying all about the place will only add to your stress and that is something you don’t need. Store things away neatly.

There are so many things that you can do to make your home stress free – what are you going to do today?


The Search For A New House Continues…

The Search For A New House Continues…

I have mentioned recently that we have been looking for a bigger house in our area. At the moment, Olivia is, at 13 months, still in our room as we only live in a two bedroom house and Jack’s room is far too small to fit the two of them in. Luckily we have quite an abnormally large bedroom so it isn’t too bad but I would so love my own space back.

Before Christmas, we were looking at three and four bed properties in our village. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it, the prices in our area are quite high so it can be quite difficult to find a house that fits both our needs and our price range. We were lucky enough last year that I was earning enough for Steve to leave a job he was unhappy in and he’s hopefully about to go part time in a new job from next month or April. We found that the fact that I was the only one working counted against us as my income can be variable so we have put off looking again until now.

We did find the perfect house in the village, close to the school, close to our beautiful common that we are so lucky to have and close to the amenities. It has been on the market for months and now we are finally in a position to put another offer in, it looks like they have finally rented it out.

This summer, Steve may also come into some money from an inheritance. We already have plans for this – put most of it in savings and pay off any outstanding debts. Hopefully we’ll also be able to put down 6/12 months of rent for a place as well whilst the savings accrue some interest and the debts fall off our credit score so we can hopefully get a mortgage. But if we find the perfect place in the village in the meantime, what will we do? Go for it of course.

But just what is the perfect place for us? Well, it needs 3 or 4 bedrooms for a start. One for us, one for Jack, one for Olivia – if there is another, that’s a bonus. We want wood flooring throughout the downstairs – we live in a house right now that is fully carpeted and that is totally not kid friendly – with Olivia at the age that she is, discovering food and exactly what a nappy is and trying to take it off, carpets are a nightmare. We want a decent sized kitchen – we currently have a galley kitchen and not enough space for all of our utensils. I want somewhere I can actually cook properly without feeling cramped and so Steve and I can start putting recipes on the blog again. We also want a dishwasher – this girl is fed up of hand washing!

I want a garden. Yes, we live a stone’s throw away from the local common right now but it hasn’t really been fair for Jack to grow up without a proper garden. I also want a decent amount of storage space – I’ve already mentioned that this house doesn’t have much in the way of kitchen storage and the same can be said for most of the house. We’ve got a cupboard in each bedroom and our garage – that’s it. It’s a flat roof so no loft and we do struggle with everything – after all, with two kids we’ve got car seats, bikes, pushchairs, toys…so much stuff and nowhere to put it. Jack has even got a whole bedroom set that he hasn’t been able to use yet because it won’t fit in his tiny bedroom so it is currently stored in the garage.

It may seem that we have got a whole list of things we want and it should be quite impossible to tick all the boxes but luckily the majority of properties round here come with plenty of storage space, decent gardens, downstairs wood flooring and enough bedrooms – it’s just the budget that often throws us.

For now, the search for a new house continues. I’ll keep perusing the websites looking for a local place and fingers crossed we find our perfect home soon!

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Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Home

Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Home

It can be so difficult to choose the right lighting for your home. I know I struggle. The lighting throughout our house is so inconsistent – it’s unreal. Our living room has a simple lampshade set up, the dining room chandelier set up. The kitchen and bedrooms are light bulbs although our bedroom is bizarre and has the light off-centre which makes no sense to me. Trying to choose the right lighting for my house is pretty much impossible.

I’ve been looking at the designer lights available at Studio Arntzen, created by Paula Arntzen. Her design lights shop has such a wide variety of beautiful designs that would suit my house such as the Grand Trianon and the Droplet.

I always find it so difficult to pick items for my home. We are four people living in this house – all with different tastes. I usually just stick to plain and simple items so that everyone’s happy but I would love to give my home a little more pizzazz with lighting like this.

There are some tips you really need to know before buying lighting for your home. You need to know the basics and create a lighting plan and learn more about the different types of lighting. They say that a successful lighting scheme is made up of several layers: natural, general, accent and task light.

Paula Arntzen knows exactly how to make sure you have the perfect lighting for your house. Studio Arntzen is run by Dutch designer Paula Arntzen and not only does she have a strong fascination for lighting design but she also has an interest in furniture design. She mixes her craft skills with design, and a delicate use of technology to create wonderful products. She tries to push the boundaries of design and experiements with materials and techniques to create experiences with their own distinctive identity.

Paula studied Traditional Furniture Making at the HMC in the Netherlands after high skill where she developed her knowledge and crafting skills. She then went on to study Product Design at the ArtEZ Academy Art. She launched her design studio after graduating in 2009 where she focused on the realisation of light installations for products and public spaces. Her work has been internationally presented and it is not hard to see why.

With all that knowledge, I am certain that her lighting products would suit any home – once you know the lighting basics. Paula knows what she is talking about and what she is designing and I am in love with her designs. We need to change up the light fixtures in this house as they are all over the place with no consistency so I’d love to make mu lighting throughout the house consistent and of Studio Arntzen’s beautiful designs.

I’ve already got a few favourites such as the two I mentioned above but there are plenty of other lighting products available on the site that I’d be more than happy to have in my household. After all, it is nice to have nice stuff in the house sometimes that everyone can appreciate, right?

How do you choose lighting in your home?