How You Can Protect Yourself From Overexposure To Electronic Screens

Working from home as a freelance writer and a blogger, I spend a lot of time staring at screens. I am often tap, tap, tapping away on my laptop or checking my social media on my smartphone. You may even find me using one of the tablets in the house to do something work related too.

I am passionate about eye health having worn glasses since I was ten but something I am quite guilty of is not taking enough of a break from screen time. However there is something that can also help. A computer screen filter for eyes is something I hadn’t come across before until very recently. I was in town with Steve and we headed into a shop to sort something out – we noticed that they had something on their computer screen and asked about it. They were using a computer screen filter and explained what it was. Now with me always using a screen, this definitely sounded like something I would need to invest in.

It can be very dangerous to your health to be overexposed to electronic screens so it is important to protect yourself. Artificial blue light is emitted from LED lighting and from digital devices. Our close proximity to the device when viewing, especially over long periods of time, means that the harmful blue light can affect us and our children’s wellbeing. Not only could you end up with eye strain – most cases aren’t that severe and can be rectified with screen breaks – but these could also cause sore, irritated and dry eyes, fatigue and headaches.

So how can you protect yourself from overexposure?

Take Regular Breaks

It sounds so simple but so many of us are guilty of not doing it, myself included. It is important to get up from where you are sitting, put your laptop down and do something different, not using a screen. Don’t get up and pick your phone up otherwise it completely defeats the object!

Use A Filter

Invest in a computer screen filter for your device to help filter out much of the harmful blue light that can affect your health. These are quite affordable to buy and will be better for your health than using a device without one.

Get Your Eyes Checked Regularly

Another symptom of overexcessive screen use is deterioration of your eyesight, especially if you don’t look after your eye health. Making sure you are having regular check ups and are using the correct visual aids if required will certainly help to keep your eye health in tip top shape.

Limit Time Spent On Devices

As well as taking breaks, perhaps set time limits on devices, especially for your children. You don’t want their health to be harmed by overexcessive usage of iPads and similar devices – no matter how much they want to watch their unboxing videos on YouTube!

These are just a few ways in which you can attempt to avoid overexposure to electronic screens and protect your health. Do you have any other suggestions of how to avoid overexposure? Do you set time limits or take regular breaks?


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