Why It Can Be Hard to Find People in Texas without These 3 Tools

They do things big in Texas, it’s true. Texas is the second largest state in terms of land mass consisting of 268,597 square miles. With a population of 27.86 million people as of 2016 estimates, Texas is also the second most populous state in the nation as well. It is a big state, but that isn’t the reason why it may be hard to find people living there. Actually, without the right tools, it may be next to impossible to find someone if you don’t know where to look!

1. The United States Postal Service

This may or may not work unless the person you are looking for left a forwarding address with the mailman. Also, you would have had to know at least one recent address to send a postcard or letter to. If you clearly mark “Please Forward,” the USPS will attempt to do so.

2. Local Telephone Directories

It would be interesting to note the statistics, but it is safe to say that a growing number of households no longer have a hardwired telephone connection. With the dominance of cellphones, a growing number of people are refusing to pay the high rates of home phones with exorbitant long distance charges. Also, you’d need to know what city to look at.

If you want to check the Texas White Pages, the best place to look is online on sites like Intelius. They can do a rapid scan of Texas and all other states, which makes it possible to have only a general idea of where your friend or family member might be. Plug in “Texas” and you will almost certainly find a listing if that person has a listed phone number.

3. The Internet

Then, there is the Internet. Not only can you contact sites like the above mentioned Intelius.com, but you can also search a number of the most popular social media sites. Facebook, Instagram (also owned by Facebook), Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to start. You can even do a Google search with your friend’s name and perhaps something will pop up if they are at all active online or have been in the news for any reason whatsoever. In fact, after a major disaster, and if they have been displaced, their name very well could pop up on a list of evacuees.

With a constant influx of illegals crossing the border and census data in flux from day to day, Texas records can be difficult to track if you don’t have a bit of Internet savvy and the right tools to use online. As one final tip, you can always connect with people who come up as related to that person when you do a white pages search. Family members may have more current information if that person doesn’t have a residence or utilities in their name.

The best tool ever is the Internet when it comes to finding people in Texas or anywhere else. You just need to be familiar with the tools and apps available. Once you’ve mastered that, you can almost certainly find anyone in Texas if you set your mind to it.


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