A Guide To Secure Vault Storage

If you are looking for a safe place to leave your family heirlooms, look no further than a professional security company who has a range of safety deposit boxes and vaults that can be rented. You obviously can’t put everything under the floorboards at home, and with valuable documents like land title deeds and insurance policies, there is always a risk of fire, and vault storage premises are the least likely of places where a fire might break out. If you have already come to this conclusion and are about to start searching for a suitable security company, here are some important things to look for.

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  • Dual Lock Protocol – In the opinion of the security experts, a dual locking system is the safest way to ensure that the box can never be opened, unless by the key holder. The other key is kept by the security company, and both keys must be inserted simultaneously, in order for the box to be opened. Should the very worst happen and you lose that key, the only way to gain access is to have a locksmith drill the lock, and you would have to foot the bill, obviously.
  • State of the Art Security – The security company’s premises should have a number of totally separate security systems that Fort Know would be proud of, with at least 3 layers, and manned, round the clock security patrolling the perimeters, making entry almost impossible. There is, for example, securely housed private vault storage in Sydney that is not only very secure, it is also affordable, and the wide scope of box and vault sizes means you can find the perfect solution.
  • Solid Reputation – Any security company that has been around a few years would obviously have an excellent reputation, and with accreditations to back that up, you can be sure of the very best level of protection that is out there. If you would like to know about the benefits of a good business reputation, refer to several articles published online.
  • Private Secure Parking – One doesn’t want to announce to the world that one has business in such a place, so look for a company that offers covered parking, which is also convenient when the weather is bad.
  • Insurance Options – While the security company would include some basic insurance, anything worth more than $10,000 should have some additional cover, and the provider should be able to arrange this on your behalf. While there is little chance your possessions would ever be mislaid or destroyed, it really isn’t worth taking a chance, especially with the high value concerned.
  • Open Outside Office Hours – You might require frequent access, and find it hard to leave the office, so look for a company that offers something outside of regular business hours, perhaps with a Saturday morning slot.
  • Affordable Rates – Even a state of the art security facility can be affordable, and with many commercial and private clients, the company would stay well within the acceptable market rates. Annual fees might start from a low as $100, and with large vaults available, there is something for everyone, and when you think of the peace of mind you will have, knowing the family heirlooms are safely tucked away under locks and keys.

Take note of the points we’ve discussed if you’re looking for secure vault storage near you.

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