Bibetta Bib & Burp Cloth | Review

Items sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to babies, they tend to make a lot of mess. Despite the fact that they can’t actually do or move much when they are newborn, the amount of mess they can make is actually quite astounding. We were recently sent these Bibetta products to help keep feeding time as mess free as possible.

Olivia is 99% breastfed with the very occasional bottle – read more about our breastfeeding journey here – and like most newborns, can bring up a bit of milk after feeding, especially when she is being winded.

The Luxury Burp Cloth with pockets has been so handy – Olivia can be a very windy baby and I can almost always guarantee she will bring up quite a bit of milk when I wind her. By putting this over my shoulder,  I’ve been able to wind her without both me and her getting covered in milk that she has brought up. The dribble catchers are perfect for catching the little spills and the burp cloth itself has a cuddle soft feel.

We don’t tend to use the baby bib when she is being breastfed however we have been using it when she has her occasional bottle and it has been great at catching the drips that may escape from the bottle or the dribbles that escape from her mouth. The Baby Bib is super soft and comfy; it doesn’t irritate Olivia at all and she is more than happy to sit with it on. Not only that but it also has the cutest ever teddy design on it too!

These have been great products to keep mess to a minimum at the start of our feeding journey and they wash well; not losing their cuddle soft feel at all. I will definitely be using the Baby Bib when it comes to weaning time too!

I’m definitely going to be checking out the other products Bibetta have to offer. Have you ever used Bibetta with your little ones?

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